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Founded in 2007, Hunkydory Crafts is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of card making products.

Over recent years, this family run business has grown to become the UK’s premier papercraft manufacturer, supplying retailers across the globe with the latest trends in craft. Read how OrderWise has supported them in their growth since 2014. They currently have 70 members of staff who work out of their head offices and 10,000 square foot store. In total they stock around 4000 different products, some of which are manufactured and others that are purchased from their suppliers for retail. This vast range of craft products that they offer includes blank card, foiled toppers, colouring pencils, pens, paints, wool, scissors and much more.

Orders are received for these items through their three Magento websites, their shop in Preston and their staff in their sales offices taking orders over the phone, through email and fax from their trade customers. Hunkydory Crafts has been using OrderWise to manage their four different companies since late 2014. We spoke to Nicola Rand, Project Manager at Hunkydory Crafts, who took the time out of her busy schedule to tell us how OrderWise has helped them to eliminate their manual processes and increase customer service levels.

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The Requirement

Prior to using OrderWise, Hunkydory was heavily reliant on manual processes to manage all of their daily operations. Stock levels for their three websites were controlled from the Magento back office suite, with Excel spreadsheets used to manage Purchasing. This way of working was not only incredibly time-consuming, but also left Hunkydory open to human error as information was manually transferred.

“The primary reason for acquiring a new system was to get accurate control over our stock. We didn’t have an accurate picture of what stock levels we had, which caused problems with back orders and made everything quite messy with order entry, so we wanted a stock management system that would give us that accuracy and be able to integrate well with our online sales channels.”

Nicola elaborated further, saying that because Hunkydory didn’t have accurate control over their stock, this was creating problems in other areas of the business. Eventually these problems reached customer orders which is when Hunkydory realised they really had to get a much more accurate and automated system in place.

“We unfortunately oversold quite frequently, the website was allowing the sales because it thought that we had the stock, which obviously impacted on customer service. It was all just a headache, a lot of resource was taken up rectifying issues that all stemmed from not having accurate stock management.”

With these issues acting as the catalyst, Hunkydory went into the market for a new software solution that would provide them with the control over their stock that they needed.

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Implementing OrderWise

Hunkydory’s main requirements for a business management system was that it needed to provide them with better stock accuracy, seamless integration with their multiple websites, the ability to process all other sales orders and integration with their Sage 50 accounts system. Having looked at a number of different solutions that could provide the functionality they needed, Nicola explained that OrderWise stood out as the right system for them because of the exceptional service they received.

“We went with OrderWise because it was an easy interface to use, the people we dealt with had answers to every question we had and it was always easy to get hold of people to answer those questions. Also we just had a good feeling about the company, for us it wasn’t just about getting the software offering that we wanted, a lot of it was about the relationship with the supplier because it was a big investment for us.”

With the decision made by Hunkydory to go ahead with OrderWise, an implementation timetable was set and dates were arranged for their staff to come to the OrderWise premises for training. Nicola said how impressed her and her colleagues were with the organisation of the whole implementation, explaining that it couldn’t have been a smoother transition.

“Training on site at OrderWise premises for a handful of us was great and then obviously we had training back over at this end for the people in the sales office, which again was excellent. Implementation go live day was great too, we had people on site for that so the whole process was all well managed.”

The OrderWise Solution

Better Visibility and Better Service

The main requirement Hunkydory had for their new business management system was to increase the accuracy of their held stock levels to avoid further complications from stock errors occurring further down the line. Having now been using OrderWise for a while, Nicola explained that the software has delivered the accurate management over stock for which Hunkydory strived.

“We’ve got much better visibility of stock now and because OrderWise is an automated system we know exactly where an order is on its journey, so that’s really helpful if customers call up to check on the progress of their order. It’s also meant better service for our customers because they now get regular updates on when their parcels have been despatched via OrderWise.”

Setting Customer Expectations

Nicola explained that because Hunkydory now has greater awareness of stock held, in for manufacture and due to arrive from suppliers, they have been able to answer customer enquiries more accurately and maximise sales opportunities.

“OrderWise has given us a much better idea of lead times for our customers. We know exactly where stock is, what the WIP (Work in Progress) is and when products are coming because we can see products that are on order. So if somebody calls up and something is out of stock, we can say “We’ll have more stock in two days’ time, do you want to order it now?” which we couldn’t before – it’s just much better and its helped customer service to really improve.”

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Magento Integration

Another one of Hunkydory’s key requirements was they wanted to automate the processing of their online orders through integration with their three Magento websites. By providing seamless integration to these websites, OrderWise has been able to completely eliminate the manual processing of orders on which Hunkydory previously relied.

“It’s definitely improved efficiency order entry wise. Now everything is coming straight down from the websites to be printed, so the girls in the sales office are saving a lot of time because it’s a much quicker system.”

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Putting Our Minds At Ease

There were a number of other areas of OrderWise that Nicola went on to compliment, mentioning in particular the usefulness of being able to easily export information to Excel and the professionalism of the paperwork layouts sent out to their customers. However, for Hunkydory, the choice of business management software was never solely about system’s capabilities but also about the support offered by the supplier, which led Hunkydory to choose OrderWise in the first place.

Nicola explained that she and her colleagues were right to trust the good feeling they received when they first met OrderWise as the great service Hunkydory received from the start has continued throughout their entire time with OrderWise.

“The support has been really excellent, exemplary in fact – two or three years before we had OrderWise we had new websites built and the service from the web company was disastrous, which I think made us a little bit wary when procuring a new software system. However the service level that OrderWise has provided has really put a lot of people’s minds at rest, we got that from the initial contact with the OrderWise sales guy and it’s just continued from there.”

What’s Next for Hunkydory?

With OrderWise, Hunkydory has been able to remove their manual processes through seamless integration with their websites, obtain better visibility and more accurate control over stock and increase customer service levels as a result. So, the big question is what’s next for Hunkydory and OrderWise?

“Well in the short term we will be rolling out OrderWise EPOS to our bricks and mortar shop and then the long term future we will be getting the OrderWise CRM module in as that is the next big thing our Managing Director wants to get in place. Then there’s obviously the monthly updates that come out on the newsletter, those are always really good – there’s always things with OrderWise that you don’t know how you lived without them before, so we’ve got plenty to be going on with as we move forward!”

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