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Accelerate productivity with warehouse automation

Warehouses integrating their operations with hardware such as robotics are rapidly becoming a driving force behind UK business growth. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, consumers expect lower prices, later delivery cut-off times and next-day fulfilment as standard. In order to meet ever-increasing demands, you business requires an upgrade to warehouse automation.

Warehouse automation provides the answer to ever-growing expectations with flexible and scalable solutions.

What value can you expect from warehouse automation?

  • 233% increase in pick rates
  • 400% increase in warehouse throughput
  • 70% savings in labour costs
  • 50% reduction in error rates
  • ROI achieved in 12-36 months
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Next-gen solutions for maximum productivity and rapid ROI

With incredibly fast ROI, warehouse automation allows businesses of all sizes to keep up with the changing landscape and work around the clock.

Combined with the right robotic hardware and warehousing software, customers have seen average efficiency improvements of 90% and labour cost savings of 50%, making an integration with automated technology a truly cost-efficient investment for businesses of all kinds.

warehouse automation

How do automated warehouses work?

Investing in next-gen automation has never been easier. These specialist solutions are completely scalable to fit the size of your operation, and the best bit is that you can build a solution around your specific requirements.

Does your business need help with getting goods from one location to another, sending stock to the pickers or moving products across a production line? Orderwise will build a solution containing simple and flexible components that fit the needs of your business perfectly. As well as multi-functional racks, it could include picking stations, picking walls and replenishment stations for targeted support.

Increasing pick rates by 233%

To keep up with the increasing customer demand, A. Perry Ltd integrated their ERP system with robotic technology to increase warehouse throughput by more than four times

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