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Striking a balance between controlling costs and maximising efficiency isn't easy - especially when faced with the continuous challenge of global market shifts and fragile supply chains. 

But what's the answer?

manufacturing operation

Produce the results you need, just when you need them

Getting the information you need, on time, can be difficult to achieve in the manufacturing industry. From knowing how many components you need to purchase months in advance to being piled under manual processes, your day-to-day is filled with blockers.

Whichever operation style you work with, discrete, process, make-to-stock or make-to-order, Orderwise allows your workflows to function smoothly and your profit margins to flourish.

manufacturing operation
manufacturing ebook

Mitigate risk. Maximise efficiency. 

Whether your business is fully manufacturing-focused or it represents a strand within your operations, balancing cost with efficiency is an ever-present battle for manufacturers. Download the ebook to discover:

  • The challenges dominating the industry
  • The benefits of manufacturing software
  • A breakdown of our manufacturing solutions
  • Customer stories and testimonials

Helping to solve your problems

Total operational transparency

With Obaby’s sales order processing automated and streamlined, Orderwise has enabled the business’s sales team to spend more time focusing on lead generation and customer service.

  • 25% increase in weekly order processing
  • 30% increase in annual outbound orders
  • 110K orders despatched a year with 5 staff

The estimated costs for everything works nicely and the transaction history shows all the batches that have come in and where exactly they have been used. For the amount we manufacture it does make things easier. We can see works in progress and then a history of exactly what we've manufactured each day. 

Jaron Hine-Maddock, Juice Sauz
juice sauz

Orderwise has allowed us to streamline our manufacturing planning process. Now our Manufacturing Services Manager plans the next week or two weeks ahead, builds the BOMs and then everything else is completed on the shop floor by the workers - so it's a whole lot slicker and more efficient. 

Mark Tomson, Mackays

Without a doubt main benefit for us is the end-to-end traceability of our stock that Orderwise provides. Product expiry dates are not really an issue here either as the controls put in place by Orderwise means we very rarely have expired stock. 

Eibhlin O'Donnell, Pilatus Pharma
oxford pharmacy case study
The perfect fit for your manufacturing business

Process & product manfuacturing software

With manufacturing software, your business can achieve more efficient operations from end-to-end, saving you time, boosting output and freeing up all-important cash flow. Connecting every area of your business, the software brings your separate systems and data across departments into one centralised view, for a single, real-time perspective.

Shaping to your needs, the software can incorporate a wide range of management tools, including CRM, WMS, stock control, order management software, courier integrations and more to help your manufacturing services flow without a hitch. Whether maximising your daily order fulfilment and sales, automating billing, tracking production and landed costs, or creating more accurate forecasting predictions for the future, manufacturing software enables quick access to the information you need, just when you need it.

Industry-built features

Supply Chain

Achieve full visibility across end-to-end operations.

Stock Control

Achieve visibility and tracebility across locations in real-time.

Warehouse Management

Maximise goods in, component picking, order fulfilment and more.

Mobile WMS

Pick orders faster and more accurately with HHTs.


Control supply chains and make decisions with confidence.


Manage inventory components, from simple bundles to multi-level BOMs.


Keep production moving and orders fulfilled whilst controlling space & costs.

Works Order Planner

Schedule works orders individually or as a group for clear scheduling.

Benefits of a manufacturing software solution

Business challenges often emerge at all ends for manufacturers. From balancing component parts, lead times and margins to tracking and allocating stock and works orders in real-time, manufacturers need a solution that covers them across the board.

Improve communications

From your suppliers and warehouses to your finances, sales, and partners, ensures each item, operation or transaction is tracked.

A full toolkit

An Orderwise manufacturing solutions place firm stock control and order management at the heart of our software.

Greater control

Gain the ability to track order progress, raw materials and inventory, and allocate resources efficiently.

Add automation

Bringing your business up to speed with automation, manufacturing software removes the need for slow, error-prone rekeying tasks.

Improved efficiency

Automate almost all of your individual processes within the greater manufacturing lifecycle.

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