Customer success story

Since implementing Orderwise in 2020, the family-run firm has enjoyed a 30% year-on-year increase on outbound orders and is now set for global domination.


Implementing Orderwise

Since launching in 2002, Obaby has expanded into multiple product ranges and has significantly increased its customer base. In addition to its own evolution, Obaby has had to react to drastic industry changes. As an integrated ERP and WMS solution Orderwise provided Obaby with the scalability they required to evolve with their industry while centralising their processes to streamline operations.

Watch the system in action

We visited Obaby at their premises in North Lincolnshire to discuss how the business has transformed since implementing Orderwise in 2020.

25% Increase

in weekly order processing.

30% Increase

in year-on-year outbound orders.


ensured through manual error elimination.


of all activity across the business in real-time.

110,000+ Orders

despatched a year with just 5 people

Customer Experience

maximised with faster response times to orders and enquiries.

Total transparency 

With Obaby’s sales order processing automated and streamlined, Orderwise has enabled the business’s sales team to spend more time focusing on lead generation and customer service.

“The biggest impact Orderwise has had is visibility and efficiency. Everyone can see everything, it’s all on the screen and it refreshes quickly and automatically every time you change a tab. Pushing out automated reports, despatch notes, notifications. Everything is saved.”

- Lewis Strellis, Procurement Analyst

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