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30% year-on-year increase on outbound orders

“The growth in Obaby over the last 12 months has been phenomenal. Our outbound orders have grown 30%, year-on-year. We were processing 800 orders a week, now we’re over 1,000 orders a week consistently.”

What value can you expect from an order management system?

  • 80% reduction in admin
  • 200% business growth
  • 100,000 increase in active customers
  • 300% increase in picking rates
  • 99.7% accuracy in picking
order management software
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Discover our order management fulfillment technology

Looking for a simple order management solution to handle a complex operation? Look no further. Download the order management brochure to discover:

  • What sales order management is
  • The possibilities of stock-centric order management
  • Key features within our ERP solution
  • Customer case studies & testimonials

Accelerate business with an integrated order management system

The demand for simpler, frictionless sales interactions is rapidly growing within the consumer goods and retail sector. Without the right order management software, a lack of customer data when you need it can cause valuable cross-selling or upselling opportunities to be missed, or customers to be lost to a competitor.

Ensure your front-of-house and behind the scenes order service offering is running seamlessly with an Orderwise order management system.

“Orderwise software plays a key role within the core of our business. We promise our customers the most efficient and proactive service when ordering with us, and this software is crucial in helping us provide that. We are also now using Orderwise to produce timed and targeted marketing campaigns, so there’s no doubt that this software will play a key part in our future.”

Chris Illsley, Running Imp
running imp

“Pre-Orderwise, to deal with paperwork, we’d have to physically go through every single piece of paper, and look at every order individually to hand out work. Now, I can see it all on a single system, so it saves a lot of time – it saves hours per day.”

Clement Garcia, Leon Paul
Leon Paul

Features built for business

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Enhance workflows to realise sales potential and maximise opportunities.

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Control supply chains and make decisions with confidence.

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Stock Control

Achieve visibility and tracebility across locations in real-time.

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Generate a complete view of your customer interactions.

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Access a fully integrated system for your lead generation and sales cycle.

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BI Alerts

Deliver key order information to your teams, right when they need it.

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Mobile WMS

Pick orders faster and more accurately with HHTs.

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Gain structured, streamlined handling of your returns.

Order management in your industry

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What is an order management system?

An order management system is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and automate the entire order lifecycle, from initial order placement to final delivery. By centralising and simplifying the management of sales orders, inventory, shipping, and customer data, an OMS enables businesses to optimise their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.

Order processing

An OMS efficiently processes and tracks customer orders, allowing for real-time updates on order status and seamless communication with customers. This ensures timely order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

Inventory management

By monitoring stock levels and providing real-time inventory updates, an OMS helps businesses maintain adequate stock levels, prevent stockouts, and minimise excess inventory costs.

Shipping and logistics

An OMS integrates with various shipping carriers, streamlining the process of generating shipping labels, tracking shipments, and managing returns. This results in reduced shipping errors, improved delivery times, and better overall customer experiences.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

An OMS tracks customer information, preferences, and order history, enabling personalised marketing and tailored customer support.

Reporting and analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide businesses with valuable insights into sales performance, inventory levels, and customer behavior, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

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order management software
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Looking for a simple solution to manage complex order fulfilment? Discover the power of stock-centric order management software.

Empower your supply chain
Empower your supply chain

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