Multi-channel software for rapid order fulfilment

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multi channel software

Optimise your customer experience

From seamless marketplace and courier integrations to workflows driven by real-time data, discover the success of our multi-channel features.

Rapid order fulfilment across multiple marketplaces

Through powerful multi-channel software integration

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, today’s consumers expect a versatile buying experience with the option to purchase in-store or online. But to effectively manage multiple consumer demographics, marketplaces, orders, warehouses and stock items, you must have end-to-end visibility on your operations.

With robust integration across all your selling platforms, your business has the power to optimise your data to increase profit margins and accelerate customer satisfaction.

multi channel software

What value can you expect from multi-channel software?

  • 80% reduction in admin
  • 200% business growth
  • 40% additional warehouse capacity
  • 95% faster courier booking
  • £20k annual courier booking cost savings

Unite your sales channels 
with multi-channel software

Creating more options and opportunities

Maximise profitability, efficiency and accuracy across all of your sales channels as well as your warehouse, back-office and logistic operations. OrderWise’s multi-channel software connects all your retail outlets, online marketplaces and third-party platforms to provide you a seamless omni-channel operation and provide your customers greater purchasing flexibility.

As an all in one solution, OrderWise multi-channel software ensures orders are fulfilled on time while allowing you, your customers and couriers with real-time traceability. Stay ahead of the competition within a fast-paced industry where consumer expectations are always evolving.

570% increase in average monthly online orders

From seamless marketplace and courier integrations to workflows driven by real-time data, discover the success of our multi-channel features.

Discover more about our multi-channel software

Looking to fully integrate your ecommerce ecosystem? Download the multi-channel solutions software brochure to discover:

  • What multi-channel software is
  • The possibilities of multi-channel integration
  • Key features within our multi-channel ERP solution
  • Customer case studies & testimonials
multi channel software brochure

“Obviously the eCommerce sessions are crucial, we’ve got 28 sales channels so being able to keep an eye on them altogether and all at the same time is very useful – something that we also never had the ability to do before was control our Amazon FBA shipments and tracking there, so that’s been wonderful.”

Mark Turner, PJA Distribution
distribution software

"As an online, multi-store retailer, Orderwise allows us to successfully trade on multiple channels with the efficiency and stock visibility that the business requires."

Paul Evans, Choice Shops Ltd
online retailer

“Before Orderwise we would have queues of people waiting at PC terminals during peak periods, ready to hand-type delivery addresses into our online consignment systems. We’re a high volume, low transaction value business, so we knew the more we could automate this process, the greater our throughput and profitability.”

Ian Shay, L&S Engineers
warehouse multi-channel management

Multi-channel management in your industry

Features built for business

epos icon

Store EPOS

Manage stores and process transactions with a range of payment methods.

ecommerce icon

Ecommerce Websites

Create stylish, responsive and integrated B2B and B2C websites.

sales icon


Integrate your existing websites and online marketplaces.

purchasing icon

Sales Order Processing

Unite your sales orders and activity across multiple channels.

stock control icon

Stock Control

Achieve visibility and traceability across locations in real-time.

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Control supply chains and make decisions with confidence.

wms icon

Warehouse Management

Achieve rapid order fulfilment across all your warehouse sites.

courier icon

Courier Integration

Integrate with 60+ couriers for automatic operations and EDI.

Discover the power of a connected operation

“With an integrated WMS and ERP, we were able to link everything together, helping staff to save time, improve customer service and drive sales via Amazon and eBay”

Benefits of end-to-end multi-channel order fulfillment

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