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9 hours a day saved with courier integration

Discover how an investment in Orderwise allowed The Wright Buy to streamline its stock control, sales order processing, ecommerce, returns and courier integration, with courier booking alone now 90% faster, saving around £20,000 per year.

Streamline your operations with an integrated system

We know that having software integration options is important for business success and operational efficiency. Rekeying data into multiple portals is not only time-consuming, but it can lead to inaccuracies caused by human error.

With Orderwise, you can choose the right online platforms and marketplaces for your trading, safe in the knowledge that your systems will integrate.

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Discover more about our ERP integration

Looking to integrate your ERP with a range of couriers, online marketplaces and other third-party specialists? Look no further. Download the ERP integration brochure to discover:

  • How ERP integration works
  • The possibilities of integration
  • Key integrations within our ERP solution
  • Customer case studies & testimonials

“We’re really pleased with the barcode scanners due to the efficiency and accuracy they provide, and courier integration with Metapack eliminates our labelling worries and the rekeying of information.”

Alan Lewis, PHL

"We've got Postcode and Courier Integration which makes life so easy for us, we've also got just added to the KPI dashboards which will help us gain a real insight into how well we're doing as a company - they're all marvelous!"

Andy Marston, Custom Technology Solutions

Connect your courier ecosystem

With Orderwise Courier Integration, you can reduce costs and increase despatch volumes with links to 60+ courier platforms including Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx and UK Mail. Eliminate errors by having delivery and consignment details automatically transferred through your Orderwise system. You will improve customer service with fast and accurate fulfilment to keep customers coming back, while saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity within your business operation.

What’s more, you can link up with courier consolidation providers such as MetaPack, ParcelHub and Scurri to despatch groups of parcels in one shipment within the Orderwise system.

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Unite your business with the right online platforms, marketplaces and more - discover the power of ERP integration. 

Empower your supply chain
Empower your supply chain

Hear industry experts discuss how you can empower your supply chain with end-to-end connectivity, from factory shelf to customer doorstep.

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