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Maximise ROI, enhance efficiency, and drive growth with our comprehensive suite of professional services.

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Project Implementation

Expert guidance, configuration, and data migration.

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Benefit from a variety of integrations and add-ons.

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Fine-tune your solution based on your needs.

Support, Maintenance & Education

Comprehensive consultation and ongoing support.

With you at every step

We're all about energising your ERP experience - and our team of Orderwise experts are here to guide you through each phase of your journey. From sleek implementation and tailored integration to smart system upgrades, we're here to ensure you get the most from your investment. 

Our Services

Project Implementation

Guiding you through your implementation

We know it’s important that your installation is hassle-free, ensuring minimal disruption to your wider operations. That’s why each customer receives a dedicated team as part of our standard service to guide you through the implementation of your new software. 

At Orderwise, we understand and appreciate what a big transition certain projects can be for your business and staff. This is why we strategically work with you to ensure this process is as seamless as it can be so you can receive ROI on your investment as soon as possible.


Customisation to suit your business requirements

Transform your business management with tailored reporting and bespoke layouts, expertly designed for multi-brand or multi-company scenarios. Embrace the edge of customisation with seamless website integrations and dynamic, real-time dashboards, all tailored to fit your unique business needs. With Orderwise, your data becomes a powerful, personalised tool in your strategic arsenal. 


Your pass to a catalogue of professional services

Elevate your Orderwise experience with Flex-Services, an innovative subscription plan that transforms the way you access our expertise.

From basic module reviews to in-depth analysis in specialsed areas, our expertise are readily accessible. Choose from a variety of consultation levels, including on-site services for a more personalised approach. From installing Orderwise to module setup and server migration, use your FSP points to ensure smooth functioning. Our team is ready to assist you in optimising your Orderwise solution for peak performance.

Support, Maintenance & Education

Complete your package with support for success

Finding the right software can be only half the battle when choosing a new provider. A robust support system is what truly makes the difference. Orderwise ensures you make the most out of your new software, with regular upgrades keeping it performing at its best.

Our expert support team is on hand to ensure your operations keep running smoothly. Easily accessible to contact from within the Orderwise system, our solution experts are here to help you to maximise your investment.

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