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OrderWise Training
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Your place or ours?

Tailored training in our state-of-the-art facilities, remotely or on-site at your premises

To get the most out of your software, we know that your staff will require specific knowledge of how to use Orderwise. However your team are working, ensuring they can perform their daily tasks as effectively as possible is a top priority.

That’s why, when investing in an Orderwise solution, all customers are provided with a training course as part of their overall package, tailored to exactly how your company will be using the software.

What does our training include?
  • Award-winning training techniques to help you get the most out of your software investment
  • Flexibility to have training on-site at Orderwise, at your own premises, or remotely, for greater convenience
  • Study in our fully equipped facilities including hands-on learning in our mock warehouse
  • Improve staff knowledge retention with training on your own data
  • Focused training for specific departments and job roles for high relevancy
Where can you do it?

With our remote Orderwise training, you can train up to eight team members at a time in a live environment from an experienced Orderwise trainer. Receive training specially tailored to your business requirements with your own data and agreed delivery schedule.

  • Train from anywhere with a laptop, headset, and internet access, using screen sharing and remote control software that’s ideal for remote working
  • Purchase training flexibly in blocks at a time and spread across several days if preferred
  • Available to purchase via the Orderwise webshop
What happens after the initial training?

Beyond initial on-boarding, we also offer ongoing training for all existing customers. Whether you need to get new staff up to speed or help maximise the benefits of new Orderwise features, we can deliver on-site sessions, training at our premises or remote training at a time that’s convenient for you.

You can purchase specific training modules with Orderwise University, so staff of all capabilities can easily get to grips with their required area of expertise. Businesses with a Support and Upgrades package will also receive access to the Orderwise Training Video Library.

  • Learn at your convenience with training that’s flexible to purchase from our webshop
  • Study your way, with live training delivered by an expert Orderwise trainer remotely, from work or at Orderwise HQ
  • Undertake in-depth packaged courses with Orderwise University’s functional modules and training blocks, ideal for refresher training, role changes or on-boarding
  • Increase staff knowledge with our comprehensive training video library
  • Eliminate common queries and increase productivity, on-boarding new starters quickly and easily
  • Help staff understand new features and maximise software benefits

“It was very logical and straight forward, as our understanding developed we could quickly see the way the information was populated could be changed, which for us that was great, you weren’t tied into “Set it up like this, this is how you must use it” – there’s no set way of using the system and the trainers worked with us to find the most logical way for us to work with Orderwise and our data.”

Andrew Ewens, Happy Pet Products
pet products

"Our staff went up to Orderwise for training and that really brought home the time saving and other benefits the system could offer. Going from a massive Excel spreadsheet that took a long time to load to Orderwise which could give us any information within seconds – it was a massive improvement."

Michael Timms, Oxford Pharmacy Store
oxford pharmacy case study

"I’d definitely recommend a remote implementation. For the go-live, the Orderwise team were there on the phones, screen sharing and showing us step by step. It was great for the team, they could see it working."

Brad Slater, Pickup Systems

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