Securing stock resiliency with merchant & trade counter software

Being able to adjust and expand according to consumer needs, market trends, and supply chain challenges is essential for the success of merchant and trade counters. Download the ebook to discover how. 

trade counter
trade counter

Prioritise your buyers’ experience while boosting trade potential

As trade counter and merchant business, you predominantly sell to B2B and tradespeople, who rely on your supplies and services to generate their own essential profits.

Therefore, continually ensuring that your stock levels are accurate and in the right place, in the right time is crucial for your business.

Orderwise’s fully integrated, end-to-end, stock-centric Merchant and Trade Counter ERP software provides you full stock visibility and traceability across your different branches.

Key features

Stock Control

Get a live view of stock across branch locations, shipping and supply chains with complete and track transfers between branches, depots and warehouses

Trade Counter POS

Have the power to handle high volume, multi-site counter operations in busy trade environments, seamlessly integrated with Orderwise Sales


Benefit from price list, discount structure and margin control, and arm sales staff with the tools to up and cross-sell with targeted suggested items

Warehouse Management

Speed up goods in, accurately control stock levels across all locations and increase order fulfilment through cutting-edge barcode-scanning technology


Maximise sales by giving staff quick and easy access to historic customer interactions, whether your team are in the office or on the move

Business Intelligence and KPIs

Set sales targets, analyse turnover and gain unparalleled insight into the performance of your sales reps, account managers and regional territories

Ecommerce Websites

Allow customers to self-serve when managing orders, credit and invoices with a high-functionality trade portal complete with Luckins integration


View profit and loss on a branch level and control balance sheets with an accounts solution that’s ICAEW accredited and HMRC recognised for MTD

Centralising your team and operations

Getting your stock levels right

In today’s turbulent market, ensuring your stock levels are constantly kept accurate and up to date is at the core of your operational efficiency and profitability.

With a shortage of available warehousing space continuing to sweep the nation, warehouse-utilising businesses are under immense pressure to not just sell, but actually secure and store their stock in the first place.

Discover how OrderWise Forecasting ensures Merchant and Trade Counters can maximise the precision and productivity of their inventory management.

multi channel software

Combining trade counter 
and multi-channel software

To an extent, supply chain disruptions are inevitable. But in today’s competitive market, your business must be able to combat these challenges and maintain resiliency.

With an increasing number of merchant and trade counter businesses venturing into the multi-channel and online markets, a lack of data integration exposes businesses in the industry to too many risks and inefficiencies.

Disjointed business management platforms do not provide merchant and trade counters with the level of stock accuracy, supply chain visibility, customer service or forecasting they require to continuously ensure on-schedule order fulfilment.

Merchant and trade counter software in your sector

Every merchant and trade counter business is different, and so every solution should be unique, too. OrderWise Merchant and Trade Counter Software is modular, scalable, and mouldable to fit your unique set of business requirements. We work with you to understand the exact solution you need at each stage of your business growth and evolution.

"The biggest enhancement with Orderwise is the ability to do stock transfer between branches, we have much better tracking of sotck and when we plan to open new branches in the future, it takes literally seconds to set up a new branch within OrderWise - it's just a much improved stock database" 

- David Gowling, DMS Flooring Supplies

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