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Cloud hosting with Orderwise

Cloud-hosted, on-site server or both: get the right solution for your business

Flexibility, reliability and security are all key points you need to consider in how you deploy your Orderwise software – which is why we developed Cloud Hosting, to provide you with all of these benefits and more, reducing the need to outlay vast amounts of capital for on-premise hosting.

Cloud Hosting enables you to transform the way you provision and manage your Orderwise software within your business.

Whether you are in the office, working across multiple sites, working from home or on the move, you can securely access your Orderwise solution remotely.

Unrivalled expertise

Working with our expert UK support team, you’ll have access to highly experienced Orderwise staff to support you with Cloud Hosting.

Continuous monitoring

With the latest monitoring tools, we review your system resources, network traffic and individual ports to identify any issues and required upgrades.

ISO accredited security

Our data centre, based in the UK, is ISO 27001 certified, meaning it meets industry best practices for information security.

Uninterrupted power

Our data centres use the most advanced APC X UPS system available, providing uninterruptible power to all our servers.

100% renewable energy

The electricity powering our data centre is generated through offshore wind and biofuel, making our impact on the environment as low as possible.

Flexible working

Whether you are working in the office, across multiple sites, from home or on the move, you can securely access your Orderwise solution remotely.

Adjustable setup

Scalable to grow alongside your business, and ensure you don’t use more storage and process more power or memory than you need.

Data sharing

Make better and more informed decisions with instant shared access to documents, systems and data wherever you are.

Cloud recovery

Your hosting environment can be replicated and be placed on standby to go live should you ever need it.

Automated backups

Daily off-site backups are automated and your Orderwise data is stored for 17 days and available should you need it.

Save on space

Without the need for your own on-site server for Orderwise, you can save on physical space.

Reduced costs

Save on the expense of hiring additional support and your own on-site server with ongoing replacement costs.

Flexibility, reliably, security 

Transform the way you provision and manage your Orderwise software with Wise Cloud. 

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What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

Instead of storing all your data on a single on-site server, ‘the cloud’ functions as a way of holding this information more fluidly across multiple servers and locations, providing ultimate flexibility that utilises space and speed as and when it is required. 

If one site goes offline, your data is still safely and securely accessible from another, meaning your service will never be interrupted. In all, the cloud allows you to achieve greater security and maneuverability in the way you store and access your data.

Reduce costs

Reduce cost without the need for expensive upfront server hardware and ongoing replacement costs.

Maximise efficiency

Maximise efficiency by accessing your Orderwise installation and data securely from anywhere.

Minimise risk

Minimise the risk of interruption with a secure data centre, uninterrupted power and automated backups.

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