Factory Direct Flooring

Customer success story

Factory Direct Flooring has always relied on logical and straightforward systems to empower their business, but recognising the need to elevate their operations, they sought to strengthen their already-solid foundation. 

factory direct flooring

Combating costs: A commitment to excellence

With the ever-increasing costs of logistics, Factory Direct Flooring (FDF) faces an ongoing challenge in maintaining a seamless delivery service to customers. Despite limited control over this aspect of the purchasing experience, the team remains committed to sourcing high-quality products and offering them at competitive prices, putting the needs and satisfaction of its valued customers first.

With a commitment to excellence deeply ingrained in its ethos, the business recognised that an investment in OrderWise is a key step towards achieving its goal of continuous improvement and surpassing customer expectations in every interaction.

factory direct flooring

“OrderWise had already provided their services to another company who are in the same industry as ours. They also offered the best value for money along with the way their system will adapt with our growth and changes.”

- Paul Hambidge, Managing Director

factory direct flooring

Revolutionising operations with courier integration

Factory Direct Flooring is dedicated to continuously improving the way they operate, and has readily embraced cutting-edge technology such as integrating their courier services with OrderWise to:

  • Reduce the need for laborious manual tasks
  • Utilise enhanced visibility into stock movements
  • Provide further transparency for customers

Combined, these innovations promise to empower the company with the ability to serve their valued customers with even greater efficiency and precision.