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Discover how Gift Universe achieved unprecedented efficiency and growth with the transformative power of ERP.

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Implementing Orderwise

Prior to implementing Orderwise, leading gifts and gadgets retailer, Gift Universe used 5 separate systems to manage their various operations across multiple locations. This lack of integration resulted in endless duplication of data due to staff having to manually transfer information across the disconnected systems, convincing the business that it was time to look for a different solution.

Watch the system in action

Here, Paul Kraftman, Chief Executive of Gift Universe, and other key members of the Gift Universe team, tell us how they streamlined operations across the business and gained an end-to-end solution by implementing Orderwise in early 2017.

99.7% accuracy

across unit picking

Just 1 hour

to train temps

1 unified system

fulfils the job of 5 disjointed platforms

A day’s worth of work

saved on replenishment processes

Full stock control

across the entire business

3 million transactions

a year managed

"The relationship between the warehouse and stores has also improved massively. Using one system, it’s a lot easier to find the right stock at the right time, accuracy is a lot better and it’s easier to find the sales statistics for the week."

Callum Harrison, Assistant Manager

gift universe orderwise

Download the written Gift Universe case study

Explore more on Gift Universe’s evolution with Orderwise and the company-wide impact one fully integrated ERP solution has had on the business.

gift universe orderwise