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Unlock a world of Orderwise services with a convenient subscription service.

flex services orderwise
flex services orderwise

What is Flex-Services? 

Flex-Services is your all-access pass to a catalogue of professional services. With a prepaid annual subscription, you gain the power to access a wide range of quality services in exchange for FSPs (Forterro Service Points).

flex services


Use your points whenever you need them.

flex services orderwise


Access services exclusive 
to Flex-Services. 

flex services orderwise


Plan your services for the year with a set budget.

flex services orderwise


Explore our catalogue to discover new offerings.


Expert consultation

From basic module reviews to detailed analysis in specific areas, our expertise are just a few FSP points away. Choose from a variety of consultation levels and even opt for on-site services to tailor the experience to your needs.


Tailored customisation 

Whether it’s tweaking SQL data or enhancing your ecommerce experience, Flex-Services are designed to fine-tune your operations to perfection. Dashboards, notifications, and reports can all be customised to align with your vision.


Seamless configuration

From installing Orderwise to module setup and server migration, use your FSP points to ensure smooth functioning. Our team is ready to assist you in optimising your Orderwise solution for peak performance.

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