Inventory management software built for complexity

Manage inventory & orders with a stock-centric approach.

inventory management software

£20,000 savings thanks to inventory management automation

“We were spending £20,000 on a person to sit there all day and manually book on all of our jobs to go with a courier. And we did that for 5 or 6 years, but when we implemented OrderWise and brought the integration in with our couriers, we could do it in half an hour to an hour down from 10 hours.”

What value can you expect from inventory management software?

  • 80% reduction in admin
  • 200% business growth
  • 40% additional warehouse capacity
  • 300% increase in picking rates
  • 99.7% accuracy in picking
inventory automation using orderwise

Inventory management software that scales with demand

Achieving complete end-to-end inventory visibility in real-time has never been more accessible. Heightened accuracy ensures your pick, pack and ship processes never skip a beat ensuring your customers experience is enhanced.

Gathering data from your sales, operations and more, your business is provided real-time information to make quick and informed decisions – all while sustaining optimised purchasing and selling quantities year-on-year.

End-to-end visibility

Track, trace and verify from start to finish

End-to-end visibility

From goods in, to despatch, have comprehensive visibility of your complete inventory in real-time. Inventory management software allows you to work cohesively throughout various site locations and automatically capturing detailed component specifics.

Monitor your supply chain movements and know in advance when goods are catalogued for receipt. See a full breakdown of your inventory allocations, and, in the warehouse, locate and process inventory quickly.

Industry standards

Maintaining all your compliance requirements

Industry standards

Inventory management software is not complete without guaranteeing businesses can provide items to their customers safely and within regulatory standards. Sustain a compliant inventory with software features like full serial and batch number traceability, stock discrepancy flagging, and the logging of specific variations against each item.

Report on accurate data

Make the most of your inventory with accurate figures

Report on accurate data

Save time and eliminate human error by synchronising your inventory levels across your sales channels, all from Orderwise’s inventory management software.

Have full visibility of your inventory regardless of where they are in the supply chain and save time in the event of a product recall. Benefit from improved productivity and more comprehensive cost-savings by sustaining efficient processes for ordering, managing, tracking and selling stock. All from receiving reliable and instant data.

Enhance your daily operations

Your day-to-day inventory tasks function smoothly

Enhance your daily operations

On the ground, whether working within a single warehouse or across the whole organisation, complete tasks such as inventory transfers or adjustments quickly, and easily tick off those dreaded annual stock takes without holdups.

Inventory management software allows you to perform your daily inventory operations without errors and delays, as every task from fulfilment and picking, to maximising sales gains greater accuracy and productivity. You can increase your throughput without growing your costs, and allow your company to expand its reach successfully.

"On the stock control side, obviously we have a lot of different ranges and products. By having everything in one place, it makes things easier as you know a product is going to be in that place, in that amount. It's also easier for the staff putting on the orders, they can check to see how much is available, and then we can just run the OrderWise To Purchase Report to pick up what we need to buy and what we don't."

Jaron Hine-Maddock, Juice Sauz
juice sauz

“OrderWise has improved the management of inventory levels and contract production to ensure maximum possible shelf life is maintained. Many of our contract products have a 12 month shelf life and require a minimum of 11 months at the time of receipt by the customer. Batch traceability means we can control this and also enables any product falling below 6 months to be provided to customers with a fast turnover thus minimising wastage.”

Mal Pattison, Hart Biologicals
hart biological

Inventory management software – at the heart of UK industry


Warehouse Management

Achieve rapid order fulfilment across all your warehouse sites.


Control supply chains and make decisions with confidence.


Verify items for storage requirements and against compliance standards

BI Alerts

Deliver key information to your teams, right when they need it.

Courier Integrations

Integrate with 60+ courier providers, for automatic operations and EDI


Create stylish, responsive and integrated B2B and B2C websites.


Enhance workflows to realise sales potential and maximise opportunities.


Track business performance with 300+ KPI displays.

Mobile WMS

Pick orders faster and more accurately with HHTs.

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is a combination of methods that control; supply chain management, inventory control, demand forecasting, and logistics. It is usually the first step taken before warehouse management. Inventory management is a very involved process of control, including safety stock checks, economic ordering quantity, cost of goods, inventory turnover, customer-managed inventory, and vendor-managed inventory.

Inventory management can help to reduce investment in standing inventory, shipping costs and logistics. When used correctly it can efficiently save both manual labour time, costs and overall investment.

What is the key role of inventory management software?

The key role of inventory management is to hold costs. Investment in inventory is very high, especially for those businesses that deal in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail trade. Therefore, the business needs an outlet which can control these costs.

Inventory management software is a system which is used to keep control of inventory in such a way that a business is never overstocked or understocked.

Its goal is to eliminate human error, enhance the purchasing process and ensure a continuous supply of material and inventory so that production never skips a beat.

What’s the difference between stock control and inventory control?

Stock control and inventory control are often used interchangeably in the field by professionals. Stock items may typically include the goods you sell to customers. Inventory might also include the products you sell, as well as the materials and equipment required to make them. Nevertheless, the two forms of control are ultimately both responsible for ensuring you’re managing stock effectively.