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In 1991, Orderwise began its journey in the ERP software world, carving out a niche as the leading solution for stock-centric businesses across the UK. It wasn't just software; it was a partner in growth, evolving alongside businesses throughout their entire lifecycle. Cue 2022: Enter Forterro Group, bringing Orderwise into its fold, igniting a new era. This union propelled Orderwise towards its dream - the cloud.

What is 'the cloud'?

Imagine a world where work is not confined to an office or limited by time. That's the promise of Orderwise's new cloud solution, a game-changer that's more than just software—it's a freedom pass to work from anywhere, anytime. 

It's like having your entire work ecosystem seamlessly integrated into one subscription, combining software and services in a way that's flexible and responsive to your needs. This shift to Software as a Service (SaaS) means that everything fron support to licensing is bundled into a convenient, monthly payment. 

It's the answer to the call for flexibility and accessibility that the Orderwise community have been waiting for. 

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For over three decades, we've led the market with a successful cap-ex model, but a move to the cloud demands a fresh approach. This new approach now means accessing a wealth of Orderwise benefits all bundled up in one subscription, offering more services in a more accessible way.

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Part of our journey to the cloud, includes our much anticipated cloud solution

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