Orderwise Web Client

The Orderwise Web Client is a key part of our cloud journey, offering enhanced functionality, flexibility and access to innovation.
orderwise web client

Designed with the modern business in mind, the Orderwise Web Client provides a seamless, intuitive experience that empowers you to manage your operations from anywhere, at any time.

Individualisation Fingerprint


User-led design and functions for improved 
efficiency, navigation and experience

Mobile Application


Access your business at your fingertips, 
wherever you are.

Building Warehouse


Scale your software and environment
 with the needs of your business.


Evolving the Orderwise 
you know and love

Enhanced grid functionality

Experience the familiar yet improved grid queries, layouts, public queries, and conditional formatting, all designed to streamline your data management.

Custom fields and filtering

Tailor your experience with extensive customisation options, ensuring your data is organised to meet your specific needs.

Role-specific adaptability

The web client focuses on role based functions, ensuring all of your teams, from sales and customer service to warehouse and beyond, have access to relevant specialised tools and features.

Smooth transition

Seamlessly migrate from the desktop version at your own pace, with the web client designed to work alongside the desktop version for a harmonious transition.

Superior performance

Built to handle extensive datasets and complex operations, the web client outperforms traditional systems, ensuring reliability and speed.



How does the web client differ from desktop?

The web client not only offers a different 'look and feel' but also delivers faster performance, leveraging the latest technological trends and advancements. As an exclusive component of our cloud offering, the Orderwise Web Client is designed for high availability and optimal performance to support your fast-paced business.

Have you stopped developing your desktop software?

Migrating over 30 years of software from one solution to another takes time, so we will continue to develop both the web and desktop applications for some time. As we add more features to the Web Client, businesses like yours will naturally use this more and more in place of the Desktop application so we'll gradually reduce strategic development on the desktop version, but this transition is planned to occur over an extended period and, most importantly, in line with what we hear from our users. 

When can I move to the Orderwise Web Client?

You can discuss migrating to the web client with your Customer Account Manager as part of your full cloud transition. Together, you will ensure the timing is right for your business, aligning with our product roadmap. You can migrate to the cloud before moving to the web client, ensuring no delay in enhancing your security and protection.

A powerful partnership 

Orderwise Cloud integrates your technical environment, services, and software (whether it's Orderwise Desktop or the new, cloud-exclusive Orderwise Web Client) into a robust, unified solution for modern businesses. With a cost-effective subscription, you can access your enterprise-grade platform anytime, anywhere.

Shape the future

Unlock the future of innovation by joining our Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

By joining our CAB, you become an integral part of our product development journey, sharing your insights and feedback directly with our dedicated team. Influence our roadmap, participate in beta testing, and ensure the new web client meets your business needs. With exclusive access to surveys, group feedback sessions, and personalised site visits, your voice will shape the future of Orderwise. 


Looking to learn more?

Get in touch directly with your dedicated Customer Account Manager or contact us via the form.