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Leading suppliers of spare parts for construction

Based in Brownhills, just outside of Walsall, L&S employs over 70 staff in various departments including sales, purchasing and warehouse management. L&S sources products from around 600 suppliers and produces a product catalogue each year which allows their customers to consolidate suppliers to reduce complexity and cost.

Orders are received through telephone, fax, email, via their website and over the trade counter, with around 5,000 orders being processed in an average week. L&S stock and manage around 30,000 product lines, with more than 270,000 spare parts available in total which can be ordered in directly from manufacturers for immediate back-to-back shipping.

The requirement

Prior to implementing Orderwise, L&S faced challenges with their existing systems, which included a custom order management system and multiple accounts packages. Their stock control was not digitised, leading to manual processes and reliance on paper-based methods for order fulfillment. The company realised that in order to sustain their growth, a comprehensive stock control system was necessary.

L&S sought a software partner that could consolidate their processes and accommodate future expansion. Integration with their website and other sales channels was crucial, as they aimed to automate order processing, update stock levels and prices in real time, and efficiently exchange delivery information with partners.

After considering various solutions, L&S chose Orderwise based on a recommendation and conducted a thorough evaluation before proceeding with the implementation.

L&S Service Desk

Implementing Orderwise

During the implementation phase, L&S revaluated their existing procedures and workflows to find more efficient ways of operating, leveraging the capabilities of Orderwise. While the initial transition presented challenges, the support provided by Orderwise helped address the issues, and the long-term benefits outweighed the initial costs.

Go Live!

Since going live with Orderwise, L&S has experienced substantial growth, expanded into a new warehouse, and continuously added new functionalities to their solution, including Mobile WMS. The daily operations of L&S have been enhanced in various ways:

Process Automation

Orderwise introduced automation to L&S, improving stock availability and enabling timely and accurate order delivery. Special order management, which was previously challenging, now seamlessly integrates with the overall process.

Mobile WMS & Pick Rules

L&S transitioned to a fully barcoded operation with Orderwise, resulting in increased pick accuracy and a significant reduction in mispicks. Mobile warehouse systems improved efficiency, allowing pickers to receive optimised pick lists on handheld devices.

Stock Replenishment

L&S implemented the Stock Replenishments module, enabling bulk purchasing and replenishing picking bins from their own bulk stores. This reduces the frequency of purchasing, booking, and storing goods.

warehouse automation

What's next for L&S?

Looking ahead, L&S recognises the importance of continual improvement and remains committed to evaluating operations, exploring new products and markets, and nurturing customer and supplier relationships. They foresee continued growth and complexity, and they believe OrderWise will remain relevant due to its evolving nature.