Swift Order Turnaround When Splitting Orders Across Multiple Parcels and Pallets

parcels and pallets

For many wholesalers that despatch large quantity orders, finding a fast, cost-effective method of handling the picking and packing process can be difficult.

In many cases when the orders are for hundreds or even thousands of individual items, businesses will need to split these orders down into multiple parcels and pallets. To handle this, many companies still rely on time-consuming manual processes, which although manageable during quiet periods can cause issues in the build-up to Christmas and during other peak seasons.

Without an easy way for staff to quickly and accurately shortcut the necessity of splitting quantities into multiple parcels and pallets, businesses may find productivity suffer as a result. What’s more if staff take too long to process these splits, order bottlenecks and subsequent despatch delays can also occur. Therefore, it is important for businesses to implement the processes that are best placed for them to maximise efficiency and ensure a swift order turnaround.

OrderWise Despatch already provides effective warehouse management tools to ensure orders are fulfilled profitably, accurately and on time. Flexible and scalable, the OrderWise Despatch module can be configured to meet the exact needs of each business, with a full suite of warehouse management tools that utilise barcode scanning technology also available. Read more about the OrderWise Despatch Module HERE.

Multiple New Features Added To Speed Up The Despatch Of Split Orders

Now, the beneficial features of the OrderWise Despatch Module have been further increased in version 12.10 with useful new functionality that enables businesses to now auto assign split lines into multiple parcels and pallets at one time. With the setting “Add new parcel and auto pack when splitting” is enabled, splitting out a line will automatically add the new line to a parcel. The packing material used for this parcel is then dictated by the “Default packing material” setting. This means that when dividing lines into packaging during the despatch process, staff can optimise their time and progress through the process in a quick, easy and visible way.

Additionally, orders can now also be split by quantity during the packing process. This enables users needing to split off lines equally into multiple parcels to do so efficiently, e.g. an order of 200 can be split into four boxes of 50 effortlessly. To add even further streamlined handling of this process, multiple parcels and pallets can then also be added to packs at the same time.

With this new functionality businesses can implement far quicker processes when shipping large quantity orders, allowing them to cope with the high demand of peak seasons. Building on the existing functionality, these useful new enhancements ensure businesses using OrderWise Despatch are always capable of maximum efficiency in the warehouse with quick, stress-free picking, packing and order fulfilment.

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