Introducing Online Business Trading With OrderWise Trade Portal

Introducing Online Business Trading With OrderWise Trade Portal

Businesses are continuously expecting more from their suppliers and the ability to order online can make purchasing a fast, simple and more cost-effective solution for many companies. Therefore, having an online presence can be invaluable for wholesalers and distributors, however it is important that the time and money invested into this venture is done so wisely. You can achieve this easily with an OrderWise Trade Portal.

B2B companies looking to trade online often simply require a quick, hassle-free step into the web that connects seamlessly with their offline trading channels. Without having this online presence and easy gateway for clients to conveniently place their orders, businesses are not only missing a crucial modern trading channel from their arsenal which limits their potential revenue, but also an important tool to help deliver better customer service.

What’s more without an online portal for customers to place their orders, businesses can find the productivity of sales staff suffer as they spend more time raising orders being placed by phone, email and other offline channels. This means staff spend more time manually raising orders and less time focused on looking at where there is opportunity for extra profitability to be made. Taking all this into account, businesses selling to trade customers should be striving for an easy-to-deploy online portal that ensures strong back-office connectivity, clear online visibility and a simple way for customers to place their orders.

Introducing The All-New OrderWise Trade Portal

Delivering this solution, this month sees the introduction of the brand-new offering of an OrderWise Trade Portal. With an OrderWise Trade Portal, businesses can find a simple, stress-free solution for taking B2B sales online. Providing a dynamic range of online features to drive sales, an OrderWise Trade Portal makes the process of selling business-to-business simple to manage and effective for retaining valuable custom.

However, the real power of the OrderWise Trade Portal comes from how it works seamlessly with the comprehensive back-end control of the main OrderWise Business Management Software. Developed in-house by our expert eCommerce team, the OrderWise Trade Portal provides users with a wealth of exciting possibilities for online B2B sales. The best part is, subject to data quality an OrderWise Trade Portal can be live and taking orders within just a matter of weeks, meaning users can benefit from online trading without the added complexity and timescales of an using third-party eCommerce systems.

Through the seamlessly integrated portal, businesses using OrderWise can allow their trade customers to simply log on, effortlessly communicate with them and place their orders. Once logged in, customers have instant access to their key account details through a stylish landing page, allowing their invoices, delivery details, full order history, credit limits, product creation and more to all be viewed and managed with ease. In addition, PDF files of invoices and credit notes can also be instantly accessed via the online order history screen. That said, OrderWise Trade Portal users can choose exactly which information customers are able to view from this main account area, offering the flexibility to tailor this to their client’s exact needs.

Effective B2B Online Selling From One Platform

Additionally, an OrderWise Trade Portal provides businesses with the ability to customise themes to reflect their own branding and colours for an even greater online experience. Users will benefit from straightforward trading with their customers on a platform that is familiar to them, easy-to-navigate and encourages repeat custom. The refreshing and inviting designs offer a competitive edge, quick navigation and detailed information available in an easily digestible format.

What’s more with features to drive up-selling, feed up-to-date stock information and display the right price based on stored customer pricing structures within OrderWise, businesses can deliver hassle-free trading that helps to maximise sales. With OrderWise also supporting and hosting the portal for an end-to-end solution, businesses can help to keep their costs down and spend more time on what matters – growing their business.

For B2B businesses hoping to expand their sales potential with a fully featured online platform that can be ready in just a few weeks, the OrderWise Trade Portal is the ideal solution. With the ability of managing all sales from one connected system, OrderWise users can quickly expand their market and fully maximise their profitability.