24 New Alerts Added To Valuable BI Alerts Module

BI alerts

In most busy trading environments, it can be difficult for businesses to see exactly what is happening with their sales. Within data, there are hundreds of new opportunities waiting to be captured but also areas requiring attention. Without the right tools to help companies identify key patterns at the right time, many lack the information they need in order to make well-educated decisions on where to focus their sales efforts.

This lack of visibility often transfers into lost sales and, more so, missed areas of importance such as under-performing sales reps, stock that isn’t selling or costly customers that are over their pre-arranged credit terms. To ensure this leakage is plugged at the source and sales opportunities are fully maximised, businesses need to not only know have the relevant information available but also be able to automatically notify staff when something of importance arises in their data.

Intuitive Sales Activity Notifications With BI Alerts

Users can already deliver data like never before with the innovative OrderWise BI Alerts Module. Enabling you to drill down even further without any of the hard work, BI Alerts offers a revolutionary solution to help users address important sales activity as and when it arises. Available both in-system or through the OrderWise App, this handy module provides the automated alerts directly to your email based on your own customised rules to indicate a predefined event, issue or condition has occurred and action is needed. This means that with OrderWise BI Alerts staff are instantly notified when action is needed, allowing them to continue focusing on their work rather than constantly referring to dashboards. What’s more, it means they only respond when a performance issue requires their attention, ensuring greater productivity is achieved.

Now in version 12.9 of OrderWise, an impressive 24 further alerts have been added to the module in order to strengthen the range of information on which BI Alerts is capable of creating notifications. These additional alerts will enable to user to further customise the automated alerts to suit the exact needs of the business.

The newest alert rules to be added to the BI Alerts Module are;

  • Customer has bought from category X but not Y
  • Customer hasn’t bought from category X in Y months
  • Customer hasn’t bought variant X in Y days
  • Customer making a loss
  • Customer order frequency fallen below X in Y number of days
  • Customer over credit terms
  • Customer spending less over last X months vs previous year
  • Customer spending less YTD vs last year YTD
  • Customer with orders not taken by account manager
  • Customer with stock booked in for outstanding orders
  • Customer with stock received for back to back order
  • Customer with X or more late deliveries over Y months
  • Sales rep below target last month
  • Supplier with late deliveries over X purchase orders
  • To purchase report hasn’t been run in X days by user Y
  • User with open opportunities
  • Variant in stock received for back to back orders
  • Variant in stock received for outstanding works orders
  • Variant in stock that haven’t sold for X days
  • Variant Making a Loss
  • Variant manufactured with labour time over estimated by X hours
  • Variant price increased by X %
  • Variant sold beneath actual margin percent
  • Variant sold beneath estimated margin percent

Thanks to these additions to the BI Alerts Module, OrderWise now boasts 53 alert queries that can be used to benefit all types of businesses across a variety of industry sectors. By using the OrderWise BI Alerts Module, users are not only able to gain unparalleled insight into areas of importance within their business but can also instantly capture and act upon notifications for maximum sales opportunities.

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