Streamline Warehouse Operations and Stock Replenishment

stock replenishment

Making sure pick faces are kept topped up with stock is paramount for businesses looking to maintain fast order despatch.

However even with a good method of stock replenishment in operation, companies can still fall into the trap of doubling their workload by putting goods away first, rather than looking to top up their replenishment bins and pick faces with stock first.

The outcome of this is staff taking the time to put stock away to bulk stock locations or high up racking, only for another warehouse operative to move this into replenishment bins or pick faces a short time later, followed by a picker then coming along to collect the stock ready for shipping. This all-round creates elongated processes where stock is unnecessarily double handled, meaning warehouse productivity and despatch efficiency suffers as a result. Therefore in order to eliminate this from happening, businesses should look to include stock replenishments as part of their goods put away procedures.

Already providing an effective solution for topping up picking bins is the OrderWise Stock Replenishments module, which offers businesses an organised method of managing the replenishment of pick faces from bulk stock locations. Compatible for use with both the main OrderWise system and our Mobile Warehouse Management (WMS) Devices, OrderWise Stock Replenishments delivers the comprehensive functionality to fulfil even the most unique requirements and the flexibility to manage replenishment tasks across multiple warehouses, over mezzanine floors and much more. By efficiently guiding pickers via best walk route to collect stock before instructing them to replenish into the relevant bins, OrderWise Stock Replenishments allows maximum warehouse productivity to continue to be achieved.

Increase Productivity By Performing Two Key Warehouse Tasks In One Pass

Now in version 12.11 of OrderWise, additional functionality has been added to this mobile module that enables businesses to now streamline their everyday operations by including replenishment quantities when placing stock.

If the new setting “include incoming replenishments” is enabled, staff will be instructed to go to a replenishment bin to put away stock. However, if the “fill default bin to maximum before replenishment” is also active, the default bin is always filled to the maximum replenishment quantity before stock is placed into a replenishment bin. Enabling both settings will then take into account the quantity to be replenished before instructing staff to fill to the replenishment maximum quantity.

By using this great new feature, Mobile Device users with Stock Replenishments will be able to benefit from higher levels of productivity through barcode scanning technology and the ability to smartly replenish stock at the time of put away. By eliminating the double handling of stock and removing unnecessary additional processes, businesses using OrderWise can benefit from much better warehouse efficiency.

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