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Streamline Warehouse Management and Pallet Handling With New Licence Plate Functionality

When it comes to warehouse management systems, every business will have their own ideal methods for handling the receiving, storing and distributing of products. For businesses handling large volumes of containers, pallets, cartons or other grouped goods, knowing the best way to get these quickly booked into stock and put away can be particularly challenging.

This is because these large group of items will often be temporarily stored until they are ready to be shipped out to customers, which means finding an easy way to identify and track stock contained on pallets or in cartons. Additionally, if a single warehouse bin is used to hold multiple pallets of stock, businesses may wish to further split these down, so they have better visibility of what is contained on a particular pallet within a bin.

Without an effective way of managing these large groups of items, businesses can find warehouse activities begin moving at a slower pace. For example, if a pallet contains 50 boxes, staff will have to process every box individually, which can be both time-consuming and prone to error. Therefore, to try and keep processes running quickly and accurately, more and more businesses are implementing licence plates into their operations.

Licence plating in terms of warehouse management refers to the method of grouping and managing stock that can help improve operational efficiency, whilst overcoming supply chain challenges. In simple terms, licence plates offer a unique ID number that can be used to identify any object (whether that’s a pallet, bag, carton or another type of storage container) that holds a collection of items. By using licence plates, businesses handling large volumes of stock can eliminate the individual processing of boxes and instead identify, move and track all items at once.

Introducing OrderWise Licence Plate Management

With this in mind a new Licence Plates feature has been added to OrderWise this month, which allows the grouping of products together under one unique identifier for rapid, streamlined management of pallets, cartons and more.

Once the feature has been licenced, permitted users will have the ability to add, edit, move or delete licence plates within the designated in-system grid. Active licence plates can then be generated and output onto labels, which can be attached onto pallets or wherever they are needed. Once set up, when builds are completed or palleted stock is received from suppliers, the goods can be assigned a licence plate number at the Goods In screen or within the Works in Progress screen in OrderWise Manufacturing.

From there, users of OrderWise Licence Plates can then benefit from more efficient stock management and quick identification across all their daily warehouse activities, both in-system and through our Mobile WMS Devices. For example, licence plates can be used to pick or move full pallets of stock between bin locations in one pass, with warehouse staff simply needing to scan the label to perform their desired action and have all contained stock go with it. Stock takes can also be performed on licence plates with serial, batch and expiry date information linked as well, so businesses can accurately check what specific stock is attached to a licence plate at any time.

Through using this new Licence Plate functionality, businesses regularly handling large pallets or groups of stock can benefit from a much faster, more accurate method of moving goods around their warehouse and shipping out to customers or other locations. They can also gain another level of stock visibility by being able to see stock on by pallet as well as by bin. Through also being able to process stock in and out of the warehouse in one single pass, businesses can speed up their daily operations with faster transactions, while also reducing stock errors through less manual interaction.

If you would like to know more about this new Licence Plate functionality, please contact us on 01522 704083.