Capture Signatures with OrderWise Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery screens

Give Your Drivers Real-Time Visibility & The Means To Accurately Capture Signatures With OrderWise Proof of Delivery

For any business fulfilling orders through their own fleet of delivery vehicles, it is important to ensure that drivers are always armed with the tools and information they need for every step of the journey – including proof of delivery. Without clear, accurate visibility of scheduled drop offs and collections, details on the optimum routes to take between stops and easy access to customer contact details should they need to get in touch with order recipients, businesses can find deliveries can quickly become disorganised. This results in more delays and failed deliveries, which ultimately impact on customer satisfaction.

As well as providing drivers with the tools they need to deliver orders at their intended destination promptly and on schedule, it is also important for businesses to record when deliveries are successful. To capture this, many businesses will obtain proof of delivery from the order recipient to confirm shipments have arrived safely in the right place, which is particularly important when the items being delivered are of high value. However, the issue is that many businesses still use paper notes to record proof of delivery signatures, which can result in these getting easily lost, damaged or misplaced in transit.

Without the means to capture proof of delivery digitally, businesses can find themselves unable to accurately track order completion to their own and the customer’s benefit. It also means that should there be any enquiries or disputes from customers regarding missing or incorrect deliveries, businesses have the proof of delivery they need recorded so they can quickly chase up and find out where the order was delivered, who signed for it and at what time.

All the functionality you need for successful fulfilment through your own delivery fleet

With OrderWise Transport & Routing, businesses are already provided with a fast, organised method of managing fulfilment and logistics through their own fleet of vehicles. Through this module, users can record and edit both vehicle and driver properties, assign tasks, schedule their weekly runs, plan routes, manage returns collections, split deliveries and much more.

Now further extending the functionality available, this month sees the launch of our brand-new companion app for the OrderWise Transport & Routing Module – Proof of Delivery.

Through the OrderWise Proof of Delivery app, businesses fulfilling orders through their own fleet of vehicles can now give drivers full visibility of their scheduled runs, access to the fastest travel routes through smart Google Maps navigation and a signature collection tool for attaining proof of delivery.

The essential tool for drivers managing delivery through OrderWise

The OrderWise Proof of Delivery app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store onto an Android device once it has been licenced, with the flexibility to configure in-app colours and logos to match company branding.

Once set up, drivers can then synchronise their delivery runs and calendar, including holidays, from the Transport & Routing module on the main Business Management Software onto their mobile device. Once this information has been synced, drivers can select to take on runs for customer order deliveries, returns collections or indeed a mixture of both. They will also have full visibility of delivery schedules, including which runs are assigned to which vehicle registration and estimated drop times for each stop.

As well as easy access to this information so that they can remain organised, the OrderWise Proof of Delivery app has been built to make delivery runs as simple and smooth as possible. Through seamless Google Maps integration for intelligent, up-to-the-minute navigation, you can ensure drivers avoid traffic where possible and always take the fastest routes. If your drivers need to call customers prior to drops, the OrderWise POD app also provides easy access to customer contact details, with telephone integration for making phone calls if needed so that the number of failed deliveries can be kept to a minimum.

Then once they arrive at their destination, through our Proof of Delivery capture software on the app your drivers can digitally record recipient signatures. Once the drop has been completed, these will then be accessible within delivery and return history should you need to refer to them.

Increased visibility with new Transport Management Overview

In addition to the new Proof of Delivery app, the Transport Management & Routing module has also received an enhancement to coincide with this monumental new functionality.

A new node has now been added to the Despatch module in OrderWise called Transport Management Overview. This new overview grid shows all planned runs for the current day that are marked as despatched, with completed drops easily identified with a tick and those that have failed with a cross. When combined with Proof of Delivery, the last known location of each driver on that day will also be displayed, along with useful information such as Proof of Delivery signatures and completion time.

Through real-time visibility, this Transport Management Overview allows users to view all delivery updates for the day from one central grid. This allows staff to proactively manage issues as they arise whilst having the information they need to suitably respond to any customer enquiries.

When combined, this overview functionality and OrderWise Proof of Delivery delivers all the tools and data visibility companies handling their own deliveries and collections need for fast, accurate fulfilment. So, whether its managers looking for at-a-glance insight into delivery progress or drivers looking to manage all aspects of their delivery schedule on-the-road, OrderWise provides the complete transport management solution.

If you would like to know more about our new Proof of Delivery app or Transport Management, then contact us on 01522 704083.