Automate Picking & Gain Greater Control Over Component Stock


For manufacturers, it is important to ensure fast, accurate control over component picking at all times.

From keeping component stock levels correctly maintained to then ensuring works order picking is kept streamlined, businesses need to have the right processes in place so that products can be built in a timely fashion that meets demand. However, some manufacturers can struggle when it comes to component stock management if they don’t have the right tools in place.

With OrderWise Manufacturing, businesses are already able to gain complete control over all aspects of their manufacturing operation, ensuring costs are kept down and processes quickly completed. Through this comprehensive module, users can easily manage and maintain all BOMs, revisions, works orders, sub-contracted processes and more. Most recently, a new Works Order Planner has been introduced to help businesses manufacturing with OrderWise to better optimise their production schedule.

Now further extending the functionality available, this month sees two new additions to OrderWise Manufacturing to help users better forecast component stock demand and further automate their component picking.

Automate Pick Assignment With New Works Order Pick Rules

With component picking ultimately determining how quickly production can begin, it is vital for manufacturers to handle this process in the most efficient manner. In many cases if components are shared, it may be more beneficial for businesses to assign components for multiple works orders to be picked at once.

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses can already rapidly pick component stock for works orders, and then use these devices to efficiently scan through subsequent works order processes. Now this month a new feature has been added to enable users to better optimise their picking capacity through automated component pick assignment.

In addition to normal pick rules, OrderWise Manufacturing users can now set up works order pick rules and apply these to relevant pickers and works orders. Easily set up within the System module, businesses can set the min/max works orders to include, min/max weights and also prioritise each rule. These rules can then work alongside the scheduled service for automated pick generation, with the flexibility to determine whether picks are generated for one or all locations.

With this great new addition to OrderWise Manufacturing, users can better manage component picking through applying controlled rules for automatic assignment. Working alongside the OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses can ensure all component picks are assigned and completed as quickly as possible.

Improve Your Component Stock Forecasting

As with all items, businesses need to be able to accurately forecast what components they need to hold at any time so that works orders and sub-assemblies can be completed. Without the ability to easily identify what component materials are needed, businesses can find themselves relying heavily on guesswork, causing understocking that can ultimately result in manufacturing delays.

With the OrderWise Customer Forecasting report introduced last month, businesses are already able to gain full visibility of predicted sales by customer within an easy-to-use grid format. Now this forecasting report has been further enhanced this month to now include both Manufactured and Kitted items in forecasting calculations. Through this report, users can input, manage and analyse customer forecasting based on manufactured or kitted products, with the ability to filter by dates, stock locations and more.

With easy access to this component stock forecasting data, OrderWise Manufacturing users can quickly and correctly identify stock demand over any given period. By using this information to their advantage, businesses can be smarter with their component stock purchasing, ensuring any manufacturing delays are carefully avoided through more accurate forecasting.

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