Accurately Calculate Your Delivery Costs With OrderWise Transport Management

calculate delivery fees

For anyone fulfilling orders through their own fleet vehicles, calculating delivery fees correctly can be a real challenge.

With so many factors to consider such as the cost of fuel and driver salaries, manually totalling these for each order can be both time-consuming and prone to error. Charge too little and businesses can set themselves up for a loss, charge too much and customers may be put off by the excessive cost of delivery.

With OrderWise Transport Management & Routing, businesses are already provided with a fast, organised method of managing fulfilment and logistics through their own fleet of vehicles. Through this module, users can record and edit both vehicle and driver properties, assign tasks, schedule their weekly runs, plan routes, manage returns collections, split deliveries and much more. Last month also saw the addition of our companion app, enabling vehicle drivers to manage their scheduled runs and record proof of delivery from their smartphones.

Now further extending the functionality available with our Transport Management module, version 19.7 of OrderWise sees a new delivery cost calculator added.

Get the price of delivery right with the OrderWise Delivery Cost Calculator

Against both their delivery drivers and vehicles, Transport Management users can now set usage costs, with the flexibility to determine whether this is calculated on a fixed or hourly rate. Both methods of rate calculation will work on a per run basis, with the hourly rate using the estimated travel time provided by Google for greater accuracy. Against delivery vehicles, fuel costs per mile can also be applied, with this rate simply multiplied by the route’s estimated mileage.

Once driver and vehicle costs have been assigned, permitted users will then be able to view the calculated costings against any subsequently planned runs. This includes an estimated cost per delivery, which can also be automatically sent back to any corresponding deliveries and sales orders.

Thanks to this new feature, businesses using OrderWise Transport Management to manage fulfilment through their own fleet of vehicles can ensure the cost of each delivery run is always calculated correctly. By using this functionality to automatically calculate delivery costs and apply these to each order, users can maintain their profitability whilst keeping customers happy.

For more information on our Transport Management Delivery Cost Calculator, or if you have any other questions about our software, contact our team on 01522 704083.