Always Have The Information You Need Available With OrderWise Custom Fields

OrderWise Custom Fields

Unlock The Power of OrderWise Custom Fields

Businesses may find that when completing their daily tasks, they don’t always have the information they need easily visible. This can be a headache for many businesses as when staff can’t find the correct information they need, it hinders their ability to complete processes quickly and effectively. Without an effective way of delivering the required information to staff, it can often mean them having to navigate away from what they are doing and sieve through data to find exactly what they need. The consequence of this is seemingly simple tasks taking longer to complete, causing productivity and output to suffer as a result. Enter OrderWise Custom Fields.

Adding OrderWise Custom Fields To Key Grids

Solving this, OrderWise offers users the in-system flexibility to get exactly the information they need, when they need it. With our Custom Fields, users have the option to add new columns to the key grids they use day-to-day within the system, allowing OrderWise data to display exactly what the relevant user requires. By configuring OrderWise to suit departmental needs across the business, you can enable daily operations to be streamlined by giving staff instant access to the right data.

Below are some of the frequently requested custom fields that customers ask for within their OrderWise grids:

  • Variant category path in the variant list
  • Default bin number in the variant list
  • Minimum and maximum stock levels in the variant list
  • Order number in the invoice history grid
  • Delivery number in the invoice history grid

To find out if a grid can have custom fields added to it, customers can right click on the desired grid within the OrderWise system and, if the “edit custom fields” button is available, then the grid has the flexibility for custom fields to be added. If you would like to request a new custom field within your OrderWise Business Management Software, then all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Simply contact our First Line Support team with your request
  • Step 2: We will send a quote to you regarding the requested custom field
  • Step 3: Upon payment, we will call you and install the field onto your OrderWise system

If you would like more information  please contact us on 01522 704083.