Simplify Management of Your Product Properties With OrderWise

Product Properties

It is not uncommon for businesses to include product properties and attributes on their eCommerce listings, particularly for those selling electrical goods as a superior specification can often be the deciding factor for consumers when choosing a product. However, for businesses selling thousands of SKUs that require this information, adding and amending these can be a time-consuming exercise if not managed in the correct way.

For example, businesses may find themselves manually creating new products that contain a long list of attributes, only to realise that they then must replicate these same attributes on a similar product. Although businesses could simply copy the relevant attributes over to the new product each time, doing this individually and one at a time can be an elongated process. Therefore, it makes more sense for businesses to use product templates to help streamline the process of creating new products that carry numerous attributes.

Eliminate Manual Replication of Attributes To Similar Products With New Property Templates

To help with this, we have introduced new Property Templates to OrderWise this month, that can be used when creating new products and variants.

Managed within the system module, users will be able to create their custom property values and add these onto any applicable templates. Then within either the product or variant property screens, the user can click a new batch add/edit option to enable the application of properties to an item to be handled both quickly and easily. Within this screen, users will also find the template drop down, with the flexibility of being able to include property values from across multiple templates.

What’s more, these property templates can also help staff members when creating products in OrderWise. For example, when a staff member is adding a new product, the attributes that are applied from the product template effectively tells them what additional information they need to include, without having to be an expert on the item.

Thanks to this fantastic new feature, any business using OrderWise to manage products that need to include large lists of properties can benefit from being able to record this information in a faster, simpler and more efficient manner. Offering great flexibility and customisation to suit a wide range of purposes, businesses using OrderWise for their product creation now have yet another method of helping them to streamline processes, improve accuracy and save time.

If you would like more information on these new Property Templates, then please contact us on 01522 704083.