New Dynamic Marketing Query To Target Customers Buying Certain Items

dynamic marketing

To focus dynamic marketing activities on the right audience, it is vital that businesses understand the individual buying habits of their customers so that they can target the right people with relevant sales opportunities. This is because through the knowledge of knowing exactly what products customers are or are not buying, businesses can follow up with well-timed email communications promoting discounts, special offers or upselling opportunities to help generate further interest. However to achieve this, it often means staff spending time compiling sales data in order to build their list of customers they want to target with that particular marketing campaign.

Without an efficient, more automated method of quickly narrowing down exactly which customers are buying or not buying certain products, businesses can find staff locked in an intensive data gathering exercise rather than working towards effective product promotion. This not only inhibits the company’s ability to seize additional sales opportunities, but also means time and money is lost through wasted staff resources.

Improve Upselling Through Targeted Email Campaigns With OrderWise Marketing

Through OrderWise Marketing, businesses are already supplied with a comprehensive campaign management solution to help them quickly generate contact lists based on the wealth of data stored within OrderWise so that they can target exactly the right customers. Offering over 35 dynamic marketing queries as standard with seamless integration to both CommuniGator and MailChimp, OrderWise Marketing helps users automate their marketing activities so that each campaign delivers a better ROI.

Further building on the ways users can segment their OrderWise customer data, this month has seen the addition of a brand-new dynamic marketing query. Titled “Customer has or has not purchased variant X within last Y weeks”, using this new query within a marketing campaign will quickly pull together a list of customers that have or have not bought a certain product over a specified time frame. So, if businesses are looking to launch a new product, upsell similar items or promote special offers, simply running this query within the OrderWise Marketing module will generate an accurate contact list for a new campaign, based on the criteria specified.

Thanks to the addition of this new dynamic query, businesses using the OrderWise Marketing module can benefit from even more ways of effectively targeting their customers. Through automated list generation based on customer spending habits surrounding certain products, businesses using OrderWise Marketing can quickly and easily identify the right contacts for promotional campaigns every time, helping them to capitalise on more sales opportunities and grow their profitability.

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