Boost Sales With More Promotional Tools Added To The eCommerce Platform

eCommerce platform

Integrated with the main OrderWise system, the OrderWise eCommerce platform offers businesses an all-in-one solution for managing multi-channel business operations from end-to-end. Whether you are looking to update an existing eCommerce website or have a new one created for you, the OrderWise eCommerce platform dramatically saves times and automates trading without incurring the expense of having to manually rekey important information. Through this, users can eliminate the need to log into separate content management systems, instead having all product listings, pricing, customers and orders seamlessly synchronised with OrderWise.

Continuously developed alongside the main OrderWise Business Management Software, this month has seen several new enhancements made to the OrderWise eCommerce platform to further help boost sales and improve the customer buying experience.

Generate Excitement For Upcoming Promotions With New Countdown Timer

It is important for businesses to keep customers alert to any upcoming promotional offers in order to help drive traffic and boost sales. To achieve this, having a prominent and visually appealing display at the forefront of any relevant website pages helps to encourage increased customer interaction that ultimately drives more conversions.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform, businesses already have a number of tools to help them manage and advertise any product promotions or special offers. Now in version 19.4 of OrderWise, two new features have been added to further help businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce website to promote both their current and upcoming promotions.

The first is the ability to now introduce a countdown timer onto the banners section of the website, alongside the usual content styling. This new feature enables businesses to have a countdown clock running in a prominent position on their website, helping to generate a buzz of expectation around a new product launch or upcoming special offer. This ensures that when the time comes for the advertised event to begin, customers already know to head online in order to find potential bargains or get the first glimpse of an exciting new product line.

The second new addition is the ability to have a special offer banner appear in the main navigation menu. When a potential customer then clicks this image, they will be redirected through to a dedicated page which will show a collection of all items marked down as sale items within OrderWise. This great new feature enables users to quickly highlight to any potential customers the items currently on sale, so that customers browsing for a bargain can quickly find the best priced products.

Thanks to these two great new features, businesses selling through an OrderWise eCommerce Website can help keep customers in the loop regarding upcoming promotions and also draw attention to product special offers, helping to drive more sales and increase profitability.

Help Customers Find What They Are Looking For Faster With Enhanced Search Functionality

Having a website that allows customers to quickly find the items they are looking for and proceed through the checkout is vital for securing more conversions and retaining custom. Without a fast and convenient website search tool, businesses may find themselves missing out on crucial sales opportunities as customers quickly move on to find the products they want elsewhere if they can’t immediately locate what it is they need.

Adding to existing functionality that allows product names, images and category suggestions, to be auto populated as the customer types into the search bar, a new enhancement has been made this month to also allow customers to also search by SKU code. Now if a customer knows the necessary SKU code for the item they are after, this can simply be entered into the search bar so that a list of products appears as they type.

By giving customers more ways to find the items they are looking for, OrderWise eCommerce website users can make it fast and easy for customers to quickly narrow down to the correct items. By allowing customers to use this sophisticated search tool to facilitate a seamless browse and buy process, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce website will find they are able to capture more sales and deliver a shopping experience that also keeps buyers returning.

Secure Payment Handling With New Barclaycard Payment Gateway Integration

When trading online, it is crucial to have a fast, safe and secure method of processing payment transactions. What’s more, it is equally important that these payments are accurately reconciled on any back-end accounting systems. By having such a solution in place, businesses can ensure that customers experience a seamless checkout process and cash flow is also accurately reflected.

To deliver this, the OrderWise eCommerce platform already offers integration to several commonly used payment gateways including SagePay, WorldPay, Adflex and PayPal. Now this month, OrderWise has welcomed integration with the Barclaycard ePDQ payment gateway, providing quick and secure transaction processing for anyone using this platform alongside their OrderWise eCommerce website.

If you would like more information on the new functionality that has been introduced to the OrderWise eCommerce platform this month, please contact us on 01522 704083.