Automate Payment Handling With GoCardless API Integration


Quick and secure payment handling integration is important for any business as it plays a key role in the deliverance of both excellent customer service and sustainable company cash flow. However, from time to time businesses can find themselves wasting too much time processing and chasing up late payments from customers.

Whether it is taking payments over the phone or chasing clients who have outstanding invoices, staff can find their productivity deteriorating due to these manual payment collection processes. Therefore, businesses should strive for greater automation in their payment handling so that staff can focus less on payment reconciliation and more time on winning more customers.

Streamline Your Payment Handling With OrderWise

Solving this, OrderWise already integrates seamlessly to several commonly used payment gateways, including SagePay, Braintree, Worldpay and SecurePay. Now extending this list of integrations, this month sees a new link added to GoCardless.

Through this new integration, OrderWise users taking payments through the GoCardless platform can now have one off and recurring payments created within GoCardless, with these then downloaded automatically into OrderWise and allocated to the corresponding invoice. Specifically, this integration gives GoCardless users three pieces of highly useful functionality within OrderWise:

  • The ability to create a GoCardless payment when generating an invoice in OrderWise
  • The ability to download a scheduled payment from GoCardless and allocate it to the correct order in OrderWise, with completed payments then imported
  • The ability to create a receipt and send to the customer when a payment is downloaded
Effectively Process And Manage Payment Handling Through GoCardless

Thanks to this new integration, businesses using GoCardless alongside their OrderWise solution can benefit from much greater automation in the payment handling across the two platforms. By facilitating greater accuracy and efficiency in the allocation of GoCardless payments to OrderWise invoices, businesses can gain better control over cash flow forecasting and customer payment processing is always handled effectively.

If you would like to know more about using GoCardless with OrderWise, please contact us on 01522 704083.