More Ways To Keep Customers In The Loop With New Alerts


Customer service is king when it comes to today’s trading, with effective communication during fulfilment ultimately deciding whether customers will return. Consumers want that personal shopping experience, so it is important that businesses use the available technology to deliver an experience in-line with these expectations in order to stay competitive.

Specifically, customers want to be kept in the loop regarding the successful placement of any orders, the status of any deliveries and the progress of any returns. As a result of this, many businesses have started to turn to email and SMS messaging in order to communicate with their customers effectively, keeping them well informed on order updates.

Without using these automated messages to keep customers informed on their orders, businesses will find themselves dealing with an increasing number of enquiries. This ends up with staff time spent answering and chasing up customer enquiries on unnecessary order updates. The impact of this is not only damaged productivity, but also an increased likelihood of customers going elsewhere next time they want to place an order.

Six New Standard Customer Alerts Added To OrderWise

With the arrival of OrderWise Customer Alerts last year, users of our software can already automatically update customers with email and SMS messages, based on a variety of in-system triggers.

Now further extending this functionality, we have looked at the common requests for triggers we have received from users and added these as standard alerts within the Customer Alerts module. Six in total, these new standard alerts are available via a button within the notification triggers grid.

The six standard alerts that have been added are:

  • Despatch notification
  • Order placed
  • Credit placed
  • Return placed
  • Return completed
  • Return stock received

Upon an action triggering the alert, an automated message will be sent by email or by SMS, the text for which can be set up, personalised and managed in-system.

With these new standard alerts, businesses using OrderWise can keep their customers accurately informed through each stage of the order fulfilment process. This not only boosts customer satisfaction, but in-turn increases profitability with customers returning again and again for a first-class shopping experience.

If you would like to know more about OrderWise Customer Alerts and the ClickSend integration for SMS, please contact us on 01522 704083.