Gain Greater Control Over Manufacturing Schedule With New Works Order Planner

Works Order Planner

Whether selling to businesses or the end consumer, the increasing desire from customers to receive items sooner means it can be a difficult balancing act for today’s manufacturers between producing high quality items at a low cost and meeting tight production deadlines. With this being the case, it is vital that those manufacturers operating a busy works order planner/schedule always have a clear view of their current build capacity, so that they can always plan and organise work successfully. However, without a digital management system in place, some manufacturers may find that they lack the visibility and appropriate tools to schedule their works orders effectively.

The result of not having this centralised system for organising works orders means manufacturers can find themselves often relying on inaccurate information to plan out their work. This can mean blocks of time get over or under booked or similar processes get completed separately, when time and money could be saved through simply grouping these tasks together.

Therefore, to avoid these situations that can ultimately cause production delays and incur significant additional costs, manufacturers must ensure they have a clear, accurate schedule that also enables them to be reactive to changing circumstances and customer demands.

Drive Efficiency & Cost Savings In All Aspects Of Your Production Management

With OrderWise Manufacturing, businesses building their own products can already benefit from extensive functionality to help them better manage their everyday manufacturing operations. Delivering the ability to manage multi-level and reverse BOM, customised revisions, labour/equipment costs, as well as paperless processes and component picking through OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, OrderWise Manufacturing helps manufacturers to increase their accuracy, efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness.

Now this month, we have introduced the OrderWise Works Order Planner that provides OrderWise Manufacturing users with the ability to group similar works orders together within an advanced workflow management tool. Through the Works Order Planner, businesses can better structure their outstanding manufacturing work and gain accurate insight into time availability.

Increase Productivity With New Works Order Grouping & Scheduling

Within the Works In Progress screen in OrderWise Manufacturing, users now have the ability to group similar works orders together. Works orders can only be grouped together if they have the same works order type, process type and duration, with the idea being that if businesses have similar works orders/processes to complete, these can be grouped and completed within a single block of time for maximum efficiency and better organisation. These works order and process types can be configured within the main OrderWise System module, giving users the complete flexibility to set these up as required based on their own processes.

Once works orders have been grouped, they will then be available to view on the planner. Offering a similar interface to OrderWise CRM, the OrderWise Works Order Planner gives OrderWise Manufacturing users a single view insight into their current and upcoming works orders for the week, with the flexibility to then simply drag and drop groups of works orders onto the best available day. Against each day on the planner calendar, users will have visibility of how much time in total is available, alongside how much time is already booked out. This ensures those with access to the Works Order Planner can always gain complete and accurate visibility of the exact capacity available, so they can better organise works orders and make the most of their time.

With this fantastic new Works Order Planner, businesses manufacturing through OrderWise can benefit from greater insight into their current schedule, so they can better organise and rearrange their production. Through a simple drag and drop interface and the ability to configure functionality elements to suit their own individual requirements, manufacturers using these new features can ensure they work more efficiently, increase their output and always meet demand deadlines.

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