Greater Flexibility & Customisation With Huge New Enhancements To OrderWise KPI Dashboards


To achieve sustainable growth, it is necessary for companies to garner forward-looking insights that help shape overall business strategy and inform daily decision-making. Through having performance statistics that are clear, understandable and easily accessible, businesses can highlight and instantly act upon key areas for improvement, while also building on their current successes. Having these Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in a digestible format is the key to not only increasing profitability and ensuring sales opportunities are maximised, but also to keeping staff productivity levels maintained at a high rate as well.

If these performance statistics are not readily available or haven’t been shared amongst staff, businesses can find themselves consistently missing opportunities and not acting on areas of importance across their daily operations. What’s more, by not having key performance statistics visually on display, businesses will find staff not actively moving towards one common goal within the business. This not only depletes the motivational competition and sense of achievement amongst staff, but also can lead to stagnated growth.

Easily Monitor Company Performance With New OrderWise KPI Dashboards

From reviewing staff performance to tracking company progress, there are many ways in which KPIs can deliver invaluable business insights. With OrderWise KPI Dashboards, users can already benefit from a visual representation of key performance statistics through colourful charts and graphs, enabling easy interpretation and analysis of critical business data.

Now to improve and modernise this existing functionality, version 19.3 of OrderWise has seen a complete overhaul of the KPI dashboards available across the entire system. Across all modules within OrderWise, the software now boasts 300 highly dynamic and adaptable KPI elements that offer all pre-existing functionality as before, but with even more diversity and display capabilities.

This extensive range of charts and graphs are available throughout OrderWise, including Stock, Sales, Customer Lists, Manufacturing, CRM, Despatch, Invoicing, Returns, Purchasing and more. Excitingly, the OrderWise Accounts module now also includes KPI Dashboard capabilities, which means key accounting and financial data can be visualised for easy interpretation and monitoring too.

Customisable Charts & Graphs To Suit Your Business With New Dashboard Editor

However, the biggest new addition to OrderWise KPI Dashboards is the new dashboard editor which offers users greater customisation and flexibility when creating their charts. From within this new dashboard editor, users have full access to KPI elements on a simple user interface, with the freedom of creating dashboards that present the relevant data in their desired fashion. With flexible control over chart appearance and the ability to view constantly refreshing data, the OrderWise KPI Dashboards module gives businesses the tools they need to ensure requirements are easily identified and realised.

The simplicity of the dashboard editor also means employees who have a flare for design or knowledge in SQL can effortlessly set up aesthetically creative, custom-made KPI displays from their own workspace. Alternatively, businesses using OrderWise KPI Dashboards also can submit development requests to the OrderWise Reports & Layouts team, who can assist with bespoke dashboard design and query creation for a fee.

With OrderWise KPI Dashboards, charts can be displayed on screens throughout the company to help with departmental performance monitoring and simply undocked from the main OrderWise screen for full screen display options. What’s more, users can now also import external data to be manipulated within the OrderWise KPI dashboard editor, allowing them to create highly useful graphs on any aspect of business performance.

Benefit From Greater Data Visibility In-System & On-The-Move

Whether working remotely, out meeting customers or attending trade shows, the OrderWise Mobile App already keeps staff in touch with the vital information they need to maximise sales on-the-move.

Now in the latest release, OrderWise KPI Dashboards available in-system can now also be viewed within the OrderWise Mobile App, giving users access to these dynamic graphs and charts anywhere, anytime. Responsive to your mobile device, staff can open any relevant KPI Dashboard at the click of a button to view the data and its display will be optimised to suit the resolution being used. By using the smart and intuitive OrderWise Mobile App with OrderWise KPI Dashboards, businesses working in the field can ensure that their staff remain on top of targets and performance, no matter where they are operating.

Thanks to these latest enhancements, OrderWise KPI Dashboards now delivers even greater flexibility when creating a visual interpretation of trends, troughs and spikes on key performance statistics. By utilising this dynamic module, companies can successfully support and influence business objectives with visually stimulating dashboards that staff can digest, work towards and reference daily.

To find out more about the OrderWise KPI Dashboard module, contact our team today on 01522 704083.