Speed Up Your Goods In Process With New Purchase Order Multi-Select

purchase orders

In fast paced warehouse environments, it is not uncommon for businesses to receive a shipment of goods that is spread across multiple purchase orders. To get these booked into stock as quickly as possible so that sales channels know these goods have arrived, it is important for businesses to quickly narrow down exactly which purchase orders to which the corresponding stock is related.

Without the right tools in place to quickly identify the purchase orders being booked into stock, staff can quickly extend the goods receipt process by spending their time looking for products within the wrong purchase order information. In addition, it may also require warehouse staff to manually find and enter each individual purchase order number to recover the product and quantity expected information they need. This time-consuming process not only slows down the goods in process but also prevents other departments from completing their activities, while also causing sales opportunities to be potentially missed too.

Easily Limit Purchase Orders When Booking In On Mobile WMS Devices

With OrderWise Purchasing, users already have a comprehensive suite of functionality to manage the reordering of items from multiple different suppliers in a wide range of currencies, ensuring the best value is obtained and stock levels kept optimised. Once an order has been raised, this will then be available within the OrderWise Goods In for a fast, accurate booking into stock, either in-system or through our revolutionary Mobile WMS Devices.

Now this month, we have welcomed a new feature that gives users the ability to multi-select purchase orders within the Goods In module when booking into stock on an OrderWise Mobile WMS Device. This helps to limit the purchase orders to just those that are relevant, whilst also eradicating the need to search by purchase order number for even greater efficiency. By utilising this new functionality, Mobile WMS Device users can enable even greater warehouse productivity and further ensure products arriving into the warehouse get booked into stock as quickly as possible.

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