A New Stress-Free Solution For Managing, Monitoring And Processing Payments

A New Stress-Free Solution For Managing, Monitoring And Processing Payments

Quick and secure payment handling is a fundamental part of any sales operation, playing a key role in the deliverance of both excellent customer service and sustainable company cash flow. However too often businesses can find that significant amounts of staff time can be tied up in chasing and processing customer payments.

Whether it is taking funds for orders over the phone or ringing clients who still have outstanding invoices due, businesses may find that sales staff and account managers get trapped in a primary focus of debt collecting rather than product selling. Without a more automated method of taking and managing customers payments, businesses can find that sales start to become stagnant because of the suffering staff productivity and increasing volumes of late payments.

Solving this common problem, a monumental new addition has been included for the first time in version 19.2 of OrderWise – OrderWise Payment Portals. This new licensed feature combines a multitude of functionality across both the main OrderWise system and the OrderWise eCommerce platform, allowing OrderWise users to deliver a stress-free way for their customers to pay for orders and send invoice payments.

Fast, Secure Processing With OrderWise Payment Portals

The first part of the Payment Portals functionality has been facilitated by a new option found within the standard customer list and the CRM customer list to generate a payment URL link. Once a link has been generated, it can be sent across to a customer or added to a relevant OrderWise layout such as a quote or an invoice. Following this link will take customers through to the portal where the customer can then securely make their payment. With the relevant setting activated, users also have the ability for fully paid quotes to be automatically converted to an order upon payment receipt.

For OrderWise Accounts users, further Payment Portal functionality is also available. If an invoice has already been part paid, OrderWise will automatically recognise this and when generating the payment URL, it will inform the customer of the amount that still needs to be paid.

Offer Your Customers Even Greater Convenience With Online Account Payments

The second part of the Payment Portals functionality is a new element available to the OrderWise eCommerce Platform.

Anyone with an OrderWise eCommerce Website can already the reap the benefits of a fully integrated online platform, designed to give customers the freedom to input and manage orders, invoices, credit details and delivery addresses at any time. Now with the addition of Payment Portals, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce Website can now offer customers the ability to simply log in to their online account and make any outstanding order payments. Regardless of the channel through which the order was originally placed, all orders will be automatically synchronised from OrderWise to the customer’s online account as before, but now with the additional capability of customers being able to make a payment against any orders with an outstanding amount.

Once the payment has completed, the updated order will be sent automatically back to OrderWise and a personally branded confirmation email automatically sent to the customer.

Online Invoice Payment Capabilities With An End-To-End Business Management Solution

If businesses are using OrderWise Accounts alongside their OrderWise eCommerce Website for a complete all-in-one solution, then even further Payment Portal benefits can be gained with through the ability to allow their customers to make invoice payments within their online account.

Now when customers log in to their online account and view their invoices, any with outstanding amounts still to pay will have a “Pay Invoice” button situated alongside them. Pressing this button will take the customer through to the Payment Portal where invoices can then be settled. These outstanding invoices can also be multi-selected, allowing the customer to further save time by paying off multiple invoices in one convenient pass.

These paid invoices will then be sent back to the main OrderWise database and automatically posted over to OrderWise Accounts, enabling these invoices to be quickly and securely processed from front-end customer website through to back-end financials, without any staff interaction at all.

Avoid Late Fees & Free Up Staff Resources With A Centralised Customer Payment Solution

With the addition of OrderWise Payment Portals, businesses are provided with a win-win solution for handling customer payments; providing themselves with greater time and cost savings, in addition to a more convenient method for their clients to pay outstanding orders and invoices. By enabling their customers to self-serve, OrderWise Payment Portal users can also negate late payments and free up staff to sell rather than chase down any outstanding amounts. With Payment Portals also offering OrderWise eCommerce and Accounts users with even greater levels of automation, businesses can ensure the centralised processing of orders is always handled effectively.

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