Automatically Adjust Your Despatch Process To Meet Courier Requirements

Use OrderWise to automatically adjust your dispatch so that you can meet courier needs and requirements

With businesses often using multiple couriers to despatch their orders to get the best rates for the order’s size and destination, it can be difficult to find one method of picking and packing orders that is suitable for all scenarios. This is because each courier will often have their own requirements when it comes to how orders need to be packaged and sent.

Without having the ability to meet a courier’s despatch criteria, businesses can quickly encounter issues when shipping orders. If orders are not picked to the expected requirements for delivery, the warehouse will find they have delayed shipments or orders that can’t be delivered at all, resulting in slower fulfilment and poor customer service. Without the correct functionality, businesses will find their staff time is being spent manually correcting processes instead of getting orders out the door.

Greater Flexibility To Set Despatch Method For Delivery


The OrderWise Despatch Module is already one of the most configurable areas of the OrderWise system, allowing users to determine best practice based on the volume of orders and type of products they are handling. Businesses using OrderWise Despatch also have a clear visual indication of the current stock and allocation status for each order and order line, ensuring picks are always managed both accurately and efficiently.

Now in this latest release of OrderWise, the module offers even greater flexibility as businesses can now set a specific despatch process for each delivery method. Depending on the requirements of the courier, the new system settings allow companies to choose whether to set the despatch method for the delivery as pick/pack/ship or pick/ship.

This new functionality gives businesses using OrderWise Despatch further flexibility to configure their operations to achieve best practice and fast order fulfilment. By being able to select exactly what process should be used for each delivery method, businesses can further ensure orders are always being sent out in an accurate and efficient manner.

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