Maximise Efficiency With New Amalgamated Purchase Invoices

Amalgamated Purchase Invoices

Effectively handling supplier invoices is an essential part of any purchasing process, however for those frequently raising large volumes of new orders it can mean a lot of extra administrative work if not managed efficiently. Without a system to successfully consolidate several purchase orders onto a single supplier invoice, businesses will have no choice but to manually process these on an individual basis. This is not only incredibly time-consuming but also increases the likelihood of processing errors occurring.

Through OrderWise Invoicing and Accounts modules, businesses already have extensive functionality to automate the handling and posting of both customer and supplier invoices. Whether it is an invoice for a complete order, or an invoice for specific goods in a specific week, OrderWise provides accurate and efficient invoicing functionality ideal for any type of situation.

Save Time Processing Your Supplier Invoices

With a pre-existing ability to amalgamate customer invoices through a variety of different methods, this month sees the introduction of new functionality to OrderWise which enables users to add purchase order lines to the main amalgamated purchase invoice form. Facilitated by a new button within the purchase invoice grid, users can now seamlessly search by purchase order number and add purchase order lines onto an amalgamated purchase invoice. As well as this, users also have the option to amalgamate lines for the same variants into one invoice line, allowing for further consolidation, allowing maximum efficiency and streamlining your processes.

This fast and simple method of processing purchase invoices means businesses using OrderWise now have the capability of adding several orders for a single supplier onto an invoice in one smooth pass, giving you maximum efficiency.

If you would like to know more about how OrderWise Invoicing & Accounts can be used to streamline handling of customer and supplier invoices, then please contact us on 01522 704083.