Meet Changing Circumstances With New Amend Shipment Feature

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In fast-paced warehouse environments where goods are frequently being despatched, situations can arise which means you may need to amend shipment before being sent out. There are several reasons why this might be the case, for example if one pallet gets filled up and some items need to be moved to another pallet, if a high priority order needs to be transferred to an earlier shipment or an order is cancelled and items need to be removed.

Without the correct system in place to effectively manage these changing circumstances, businesses can quickly encounter issues within their despatch process. Without the ability to quickly find the right shipment and easily amend the contents, despatch delays can occur while staff move parcels and adjust the necessary details. What’s more, if cancelled order items are shipped, businesses then must carry the cost of processing the return of these items. Therefore, it is essential that warehouses dealing with changing circumstances on occasion have the correct system in place to handle these effectively.

Further Flexibility With The Ability To Amend Packed Orders Prior To Ship

To help solve this problem, a new feature has been added in version 18.10 of OrderWise that gives businesses the flexibility to move items to different shipments or even cancel/remove items from a shipment after the pick/pack stage of despatch. This will allow permitted users to remove pallets, parcels, pack lines or even reduce the quantity of pack lines from the shipment.

Users will also have the option to split the pack, which can separate them from the current pack and create a new pick/pack for that order. Once the items have been marked and the user has selected either split pack or split and return to picking/packing, the ship form in OrderWise will then recalculate to display the correct items and totals.

Thanks to this new feature, businesses using OrderWise for their Warehouse Management now have the increased flexibility of being able to move items to different shipments or remove them altogether. This ensures no mistakes are made and allows corrections to shipments to be made with ease, ensuring fast, accurate order fulfilment is maintained at all times.

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