Efficient Order Processing With New Product Search Features

Efficient Order Processing With New Product Search Features

In busy trading environments, it’s important for staff to be able to quickly and accurately process orders so that satisfactory customer service can be delivered. Paramount to this is the ability to understand what the customer wants and being able to effortlessly search for the required product, so that orders can be quickly built up and extra sales opportunities seized.

The major difficulty which businesses face is the fact that staff may not have all the required information they need to effectively search for a product on the main system. It can be particularly difficult to find products for businesses that deal with a large amount of stock, especially without the right level of intelligence in their search tool. Additionally, it is likely that newer staff will not know what they are looking for when searching for a product for the first time. Therefore, without a fast and effective way of helping staff search for products and verify they have selected the right option, businesses can find that their order processing speeds and customer service suffers as a result.

Increased Visibility When Searching For A Product

With OrderWise, businesses are already provided with numerous tools to help staff quickly and easily access the information they need. This includes extensive grid filter functionality, as well as a comprehensive product search to aid fast order processing and stock management.

Extending the capabilities of the latter, three brand new enhancements have been introduced to the OrderWise Product Search facility this month. These are:


Designed to help new staff, users will now be able to see the default image of a selected item within the product search screen.

Search for multiple words in any order when using the contains option

Now when searching a product’s description, the results will show matches that contain the words searched in any order, rather than just the order entered by the user. This enhancement adds further intelligence to the contains product search in OrderWise, meaning staff using this option no longer have to ensure they get the order of the wording exactly right when trying to find the products they need.

Multi-search for products and return to an order

Allowing for even faster processing, OrderWise users now also have the ability to search for multiple products at once before adding these to an order. When clicking the search button, either after having clicked a new product category or having entered new search parameters, the previously typed in quantities needed will be saved so all will be returned to the sales order in one pass.

Thanks to the addition of these three highly beneficial new product search enhancements, OrderWise users can now benefit from even greater efficiency in their order processing. By being able to find products faster and more easily than they did previously, businesses using OrderWise can ensure that staff are always achieving maximum productivity within their frontline service.

If you would like to discuss the new features added to the product search on the main system call us on 01522 704083.