Automatic Email & SMS Updates With Customer Alerts

SMS updates

With consumers today increasingly looking for an omnichannel buying experience from retailers, it has become increasingly essential for businesses to have the capacity to deliver this in order to remain competitive. With this comes the expectation of a seamless shopping experience whereby customers want to be kept in the loop with the progress of their order every step of the way until their goods are received. To achieve this, many companies have adopted emailing and SMS messaging in order to communicate with their customers, notifying them that their order has been successfully placed, updating them when it has been despatched and alerting them when it’s ready for collection or delivery.

Without the capacity to deliver this high level of service that has now become the norm, customers can become dissatisfied if they are not kept well informed on the progress of their orders. This can consequently increase the amount of time staff spend answering and chasing up customer enquiries for simple order updates or dealing with complaints due to a lack of information. This not only results in lowered productivity but also increases the chance of customers going elsewhere for their future purchases so that they can receive the shopping experience they have come to expect.

Deliver The First-Rate Service Your Customers Expect

Addressing this, an exciting new Customer Alerts module has arrived to OrderWise this month, giving users the ability to automatically update customers with email and SMS messaging. This great new functionality allows users to automatically send a custom or pre-configured email or SMS message to their customers based on various in-system triggers.

With these notification triggers driven by a simple data query, users are offered great flexibility in how the email and SMS notifications are used, allowing this module to be really tailored to meet specific business requirements. You could automatically update customers when there is a change in their order status or let them know when their repair has been completed and their fixed product is ready for collection.

Within Customer Alerts, users also have the ability to set up HTML email and SMS templates with specific placeholders that can be automatically populated with OrderWise data, allowing information such as order or tracking numbers to be added to these notifications. Through these dynamic templates, businesses can easily include the information they want and also save time during their email and SMS message creation.

New ClickSend Integration Added For Fully Automated SMS Customer Alerts

To send automatic SMS messaging, we have also added integration to ClickSend this month. Once set up with the relevant credits available within ClickSend, the SMS queue within OrderWise will allow users to add new messages to certain customers, edit any existing messages and have full visibility of sent and not sent messages. Any message in this queue which has not been sent and has not exceeded the max number of tries, OrderWise will automatically try to send the message through the ClickSend service.

As part of this new integration, ClickSend are offering OrderWise customers £10 free credit when opening a ClickSend account. To claim this exclusive offer, OrderWise customers can simply:

1: Open a new account here
2. Email and quote “OrderWise Bonus”

Thanks to this great new functionality and ClickSend offer, businesses can now deliver to their customers the buying experience they expect through a custom email or SMS message to keep them informed with what is happening with their purchases. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but ultimately boost profitability as customers return again and again.

If you would like to know more about this invaluable functionality, please contact us on 01522 704083.