Easily Find Stock Levels Across Locations When Raising Sales Orders

stock levels

For companies holding stock in multiple locations, knowing accurate stock levels when raising sales orders is crucial.

Sales staff will not only want to ensure that there is stock available so that they can close the sale, but also see which stock locations have the biggest surplus of stock. However, for businesses operating out of multiple stock locations but also processing sales orders containing hundreds of lines, it can be a difficult balance between checking stock levels and maintaining fast order processing.

Without a quick and easy way of checking stock levels, businesses may find they have to manually look up what stock they hold in each location for each individual line. If the business is dealing with orders containing large volumes of lines, this can quickly become unmanageable as staff take longer to search for stock levels and ultimately process orders. What’s more, without clear visibility of the available stock held in each location, staff can quickly end up overselling certain items or missing out on sales altogether.

Instant Visibility of Accurate Stock Information to Speed Up Sales Order Processing

With OrderWise, businesses already have the capabilities to view free and closing stock levels for every line on each order they raise, offering sales staff full product visibility whenever it is needed by simply clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Now in Version 18.11 of OrderWise, a new enhancement has been added to the sales order entry form which now makes it even easier for businesses processing large multi-line orders to view stock levels across their multiple locations.

This has been facilitated by a new Stock Levels tab, which can be found next to the Special Instructions tab on the sales order entry form. From here, staff can view stock locations and quantities for the currently selected line. With this added functionality, users can now remain in the order entry screen and simply scroll through, double clicking on the desired stock location line within this tab to set this against the sales order.

Thanks to this useful new enhancement, sales staff creating large multi-line orders for customers can now easily view accurate stock levels whilst remaining in the same screen. This means they can be sure that orders are being fulfilled from the locations with the most stock, minimising the risk of over and under selling whilst boosting profitability.

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