Introducing Amazon Listings

Introducing Amazon Listings

One of the largest online marketplaces in the world, selling products through Amazon is now a staple part of daily trading for many online businesses and in many cases the only route to market an online business will take. However with many companies offering thousands of different items and trading through several different accounts, Amazon traders are constantly looking for the right back end solution to effectively manage the fulfilment of their online orders and also streamline the creating and listing of their products.

Often the biggest problem faced by many Amazon traders is how best to manage the listing of their products in a manner that is accurate, meets Amazon’s product information guidelines and means staff are not sat for hours on end inputting information into Amazon. Not only do businesses selling through Amazon need to ensure that they have the tools to efficiently and effectively manage the creation and listing of their products through their single or multiple seller accounts and marketplaces, but also manage the import of orders, synchronisation of stock levels, update of despatch status and more.

In addition, Amazon traders will also want to ensure that the pricing for their items stays competitive with other marketplace traders offering similar products, adjusting their prices to compete for Buy Box position and maximise sales. However without the right structure and levels of automation in place, businesses can find their time being swallowed up by repeatedly editing their product details until they meet those of Amazon’s trading requirements, then manually rekeying the right product information into their other seller accounts, correcting errors in listings through lack of accuracy, as well as manually monitoring and updating prices so as not to lose out to competitors.

Benefit From A Successful Amazon Business Operation From Start To Finish

Although finding an effective, automated solution to listing management is a necessity for any Amazon trader, in many cases it is only half the battle. The problem is that many Amazon retailers often struggle to find a solution that handles their product creation but also provides the depth of functionality needed to manage all other aspects of their business. This results in companies trading through Amazon having to implement and pay for several different systems to serve varying purposes throughout their supply chain.

Working in this way with multiple unconnected systems means Amazon traders again often have to rely on manually rekeying information, lowering the accuracy of their data and the efficiency of their order fulfilment. By not having more organised processes in place to manage their business from start to finish, Amazons traders can find themselves suffering from poor feedback scores by simply not providing the convenience that drives many people to buy their products online in the first place.

OrderWise – The Complete Solution for Amazon Marketplace Trading

With the OrderWise Amazon Integration Suite, businesses trading through the Amazon marketplace are already provided with an extensive range of functionality that eliminates manual processes and provides huge efficiency savings from end to end. Used in-conjunction with the OrderWise eCommerce module, Amazon traders are provided with one centralised place for all their Amazon orders across all their seller accounts to be imported and effectively processed all the way through to shipment, as well as any orders received through their other online sales channels. With OrderWise Amazon Integration, businesses can also send order despatch updates synchronise prices, stock levels, manage Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) and much more.

Now adding to this extensive functionality in version 10.6 of OrderWise, monumental new development has been included from this month that enables businesses to now manage Amazon Product Creation and Listing through OrderWise. Simple to use and fully integrated with the rest of OrderWise, our Amazon Listing provides the functionality for businesses to easily list items already existing on Amazon or create brand new items to list on Amazon, automate product price updates to stay competitive, receive recommendations for better listing tips and much, much more.

List Existing Amazon Products

In many cases the product that a business will be looking to list will likely already exist on Amazon’s vast product database where other sellers or Amazon themselves have already creating a listing. With OrderWise Amazon Listing, businesses are provided with a fast, streamlined method of creating listings for these items that already exist on Amazon’s database. Using our smart Match Amazon Listings utility, users can quickly find possible matches between the items they are creating within OrderWise to products held by Amazon, importing the correct matches with all the relevant product information into OrderWise en-masse. Businesses can then simply select the item or items they wish to list, the seller account they wish to list on and send this information seamlessly over to Amazon with just one-click of a button.

Product Creation and Listing

While many businesses will be listing against existing products on Amazon, businesses manufacturing their own goods or those in industries such as apparel with regularly changing fashions, it is likely that their products will not exist on Amazon and will need to create their products first. Although for many businesses this can be an incredibly daunting and time-consuming task, thanks to our new Amazon Product Creation functionality, creating brand new products to list on Amazon for OrderWise users couldn’t be simpler.

With a simple one-time import of the Amazon Product Structure, OrderWise users can easily create product templates to make adding new items to Amazon an accurate and streamlined process. Businesses can add their description, choose which of Amazon’s wide range of 50+ different product categories and sub-categories the product falls under and add the relevant browse node so that their product can be easily found by potential customers searching on Amazon. Images of the item can then be added within the OrderWise variant record by simply adding a link to the URL where the images are held.

Once the item has been created, businesses can then follow the same process of simply going into the eCommerce module, selecting the item or items they wish to list, the seller account they wish to list on and clicking the list button to send all this information over to Amazon.

Amazon Re-Pricing Tool

Here at OrderWise, we understand that having the right price is often the difference between winning and losing a sale on fiercely competitive marketplaces such as Amazon. In instances where multiple traders are selling the same item, positioning your listing in the Amazon Buy Box can have a significant impact on the volume of orders.

As part of the OrderWise Amazon Listing functionality, businesses are also provided with a highly beneficial use competitive pricing option which facilitates the ability to automatically update prices so that they are the cheapest on the market. Using this feature, users are able to specify how much cheaper they wish to be compared to other businesses selling the same item, as well as the ability to name their minimum price so that profitability levels can be carefully controlled.

The Perfect System For Managing Your Amazon Business

With this monumental new addition to OrderWise Amazon integration options, businesses are provided with a simple, efficient and structured method of listing multiple products across multiple seller accounts on their Amazon marketplace. This means that businesses now have all the functionality within OrderWise to effectively manage every aspect of their Amazon trading from the point of product creation and listing, through online order processing to shipment and invoice handling. By using OrderWise to streamline all these operational aspects of your Amazon trading, your business can provide the right products at the right price, achieve rapid order fulfilment and provide excellent customer service that helps you stay ahead in even the most competitive of markets.

To get an idea of how your business can benefit from using OrderWise Product Creation and Amazon Listing in-conjunction with our eCommerce Module and Amazon Integration Suite, why not give us a call today.

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