Find Customer Records Faster And Easier With Quick Search

Find Customer Records Faster And Easier With Quick Search

Whether it is a customer record, supplier, product or something else entirely, in fast paced trading environments quick and easy access to information is essential. However for large companies with huge databases of many thousands of records, efficiently finding the required information can be difficult to achieve. Even when using a cutting edge database, if record volumes are high or the fields being displayed for each record is extensive, staff can find themselves waiting for all their records to load before inevitably searching for the information they actually need.

One of the most commonly used features within OrderWise on a daily basis are filter rows, which can be applied to any grid in OrderWise, allowing users to quickly search and locate the information they need. Although a relatively simple piece of functionality, using these filter rows to rapidly find products, customers, orders, etc. can vastly increase everyday efficiency. However in order to help customers with large records volumes avoid the delay of waiting for these to load, a new quick search feature has been added in version 10.2 of OrderWise to enable a filter criteria to be applied first with only those records matching being returned. This removes the need to load all records and makes searching much faster and easier.

Avoid Loading Grids And Get Straight To The Information You Need With OrderWise Quick Search

This new quick search facility can easily be applied to numerous OrderWise grids by simply selecting from the options listed within global user group settings. The search fields can be configured to meet the requirements of each company such as the order the search criteria are displayed, if certain search options are removed and the default operator i.e contains, starts with etc. For those users whose roles are primarily sales order processing, having the quick search feature active on the customer grid means when they take an enquiry they can instantly start searching for the customer record, which will no doubt be the first activity performed for new enquiry in this role.

Options are also available to include delivery address within search results, so should a customer provide a postcode for a branch address but the address on the customer’s record is for the head office then the delivery address will be matched and the record still returned. The same will also apply when searching for telephone number and email addresses, the quick search will look for matches against delivery addresses and contacts and return any customer records that match.

Maintain Control Over Staff Record Visibility

Should a query already be in operation on a grid, either set by the user or by a supervisor to restrict the records available then the quick search feature will only return results available from the queried records. If a broad or common search terms returns a large number of records then the standard filter row functionality can be used to further narrow the results of the records returned.

With the addition of this great new feature, users are able to side step grid loading times by ensuring that only the records matching what they are looking for are displayed within OrderWise grids. This allows all OrderWise users, no matter the size of their database, to experience fast grid loading times and quick access to information every time.

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