Simple, Costed And Accurate Use Of End Of Line Materials & Off Cuts With Manufacturing

Simple, Costed And Accurate Use Of End Of Line Materials & Off Cuts With Manufacturing

In certain industries, a common scenario many manufacturers will come across is being left with component off cuts or left overs when completing a build.

A problem that affects a wide array of businesses, these off cuts could be various lengths, types or thicknesses of timber, iron/steel bars, aluminium sheets, fabric, thread and much more.

However In many cases the root of this issue is caused by materials being cut to customer requirements or size of supply not neatly matching the sizes of manufacture, meaning that over time an assortment of irregular off cuts are built up that cannot be used to meet normal order requirements.

Avoid Wasted Stock And Inaccuracies With Better Control Over Manufacturing Off Cuts

It may be that on the back of cutting components for a build, a business will be left with one off cut at 0.5m, another at 0.3m, one at 0.4m, etc. and they need to able to make use of all these varying lengths. The impact of manufacturing businesses not using these off cuts when in fact they could be used to fulfil certain works orders is that all stock is not being fully utilised. By not having a system in place to manage these off cuts and use these as component stock, businesses will find themselves dealing with wasted manufacturing materials, inaccurate costs and stock levels. Therefore businesses who will regularly create off cuts should ensure they have an effective method of managing these in place so that the full value from their stock can be retained.

Existing functionality within OrderWise Manufacturing already enables users to manage works order component quantities with a build per calculation being applied a multiplier option and the ability to manage allowable differences to meet a wide range of component quantity requirements. The key factor with all of these however is ultimately they rely on a calculation based on if I make X of the built item I will need to use Y of the component. However now a new feature has been added in version 10.2 of OrderWise to enable users to manually configure works orders to use specific off cuts or end of batch quantities.

New Functionality To Ensure All Component Stock Is Fully Utilised

Within the works order component screen, a new fixed quantity flag is now available. When this flag is activated, the build per quantity option is removed and only the quantity field is available. This enables the user to then manually determine the exact component quantity being used for the entire works order regardless of the works order quantity enabling full flexibility of the components being used. Crucially this will enable stock accuracy and costs to be maintained as the off cuts or batch ends used can be allocated to the works order.

In addition to the using this new feature to manage off cuts and end of line components in one off works order builds this can also be used when consumables recorded and used within a works order are in quantities not related to the works order quantity but the individual works order. This may be for example where cleaning items are used or filters and other single use consumables.

OrderWise manufacturers will find that the addition of this great new enhancement provides a way of utilising off cuts as components in a flexible and effective manner, while also ensuring that stock accuracy and costing is maintained at the highest level.

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