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Billed as “The World’s Online Marketplace”, eBay is the original online trading platform and still the largest in the world with over 112 million active users around the globe.

Attracting independent sellers, merchants and retailers of all sizes, eBay has become an essential channel from which companies can bring their products to an international marketplace. However as small traders begin to grow their eBay business and start to trade through more accounts on more eBay sites, the requirement for an effective back end management solution soon becomes clear.

The problem is that with so many different considerations facing businesses selling through eBay, finding one solution to handle all aspects of their operation can be a real struggle. Not only do companies trading through eBay need to carefully manage their product listings and the associated cost of fees, but also organise their order and despatch processing too. Without a complete solution in place, businesses will find they have to utilise several applications and often still go into eBay itself to manage orders, stock levels, pricing, despatch updates, relisting, new listing and much more. By managing operations in this manner, eBay traders will not only spend huge amounts of time trying to manage this but see accuracy and efficiency drop to levels that can not only cause feedback scores to suffer but also drive them to lose customers instead of gaining them.

The One Place to Manage All Aspects of Your eBay Business

With the OrderWise eBay Integration Suite, businesses trading through eBay are already provided with an extensive range of functionality that not only eliminates these commonly used manual processes but replaces them with high levels of automation instead. Used in-conjunction with the OrderWise eCommerce module, businesses trading through eBay are provided with one single system from which they can import, process and despatch all orders coming through all of their seller accounts on all the eBay sites on which they list. With the OrderWise eBay Integration Suite, businesses can also send order despatch updates, synchronise prices, stock levels and much more.

Additionally, it is often the case nowadays that businesses selling on eBay also have offline sales channels or website and other marketplaces such as Amazon from which they also trade. With OrderWise, businesses are presented with one central place from which all orders, no matter the source, can be effectively processed all the way through to shipment. With seamless integration to over 40 different courier providers also available, businesses using OrderWise to manage their eBay trading can ensure all orders are always quickly and correctly fulfilled.

Gain Control & Effective Management Of Your eBay Listings

Last month, here at OrderWise we introduced new development to enable businesses to manage Amazon Product Creation and Listing through OrderWise. Simple to use and fully integrated with the rest of OrderWise, our Amazon Listing provides the functionality for businesses to easily list items already existing on Amazon or create brand new items to list on Amazon, automate product price updates to stay competitive, receive recommendations for better listing tips and much, much more. You can read more about Amazon Listings on OrderWise HERE.

Now in version 10.7 of OrderWise, our listing functionality and eBay Integration has been further extended to give users the ability to now also manage their eBay listings. Regardless of the scope in which a business is trading through eBay, whether it’s through one trading account on one eBay site or multiple accounts on multiple eBay sites, OrderWise provides a user-friendly, fully integrated solution. With functionality to easily create product templates, gather estimated fees and list or relist as many items as necessary, OrderWise offers eBay sellers all the tools they need to manage their product listings effectively.

Easy Set Up Allows You To Get Straight Into Listings

Getting ready to start listing on eBay with OrderWise really couldn’t be simpler. Firstly businesses can choose from 25 eBay sites including the UK, Ireland and the US, specifying on which ones they wish to list. They can then add the relevant seller accounts for the sites as required.

Create Unlimited Product Templates & Get Your Items Noticed

Our eBay Product Templates are designed to make listing items on eBay as easy and as streamlined as possible. Using these templates, businesses can set up key details such as condition, payment and shipping methods, as well as add category details, customer price lists, their PayPal email address, recommended values and much more. What’s more, businesses also have the flexibility to create as many templates as they require based on the variety of the items they are selling. These templates can then be simply linked to an item meaning commonly used listing details do not need completing for every item being listed.

On marketplaces like eBay, having your product stand out from the crowd is everything. That’s why we offer businesses complete creative control over how their item is listed on eBay. When adding product descriptions, users can choose their colour, font, size and formatting which will be pulled through on to their eBay listing, or even apply a pre-existing HTML template for an authentic, fully professional look. These HTML templates can be easily configured so that specific details such as item name, description and more is populated using the information stored within OrderWise for the item. Images can also be simply controlled and uploaded for the listing from within OrderWise.

Obtain Estimated Fees & Manage All Of Your eBay Listings From A One-View Screen

The OrderWise eCommerce Module has always been the central hub from which online retailers can manage all of their online sales channels in one place as sales orders are automatically imported. Now with eBay Listings, businesses can utilise the List Items area within the eCommerce module to manage the listing of products across all of their different seller accounts from one single screen.

Using the eBay list items tools, businesses can simply switch between their seller accounts to gain full visibility of all the items available for listing or re-listing. They can then simply select one or multiple items within the grid and click the relevant button to quickly obtain the total estimated fees for listing that item on eBay. Listing messages and recommendations will also be displayed at the foot of the screen to give users tips on what additional information they can add to further improve the quality of their listing or if any issues that are preventing the listing from being accepted.

With a simple click selected items can be listed, re-listed or listing revisions submitted. Although users can specify how long they wish to list their items for when setting up their product templates, they also have the flexibility to end their listings at any time by using the end listing option.

The Ideal Solution for Complete eBay Trading Management

With this fantastic new addition to OrderWise, businesses selling on eBay are provided with incredibly straight-forward and easy-to-use functionality for creating their product listings across one or multiple different seller accounts. This means that businesses now have everything they need within OrderWise to achieve automated and effective management of every aspect of their daily trading on eBay. By using OrderWise to streamline all operational aspects of your eBay trading, your business can increase profitability from keeping costs and fees low, as well as fulfil orders both quickly and accurately. By working in this way, your eBay business can gain the customer feedback scores that help make you a top seller in the “World’s Online Marketplace”.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of OrderWise eBay Listing, existing users can contact the client services team.

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