Close Sales Orders On-The-Move With OrderWise For Android

Close Sales Orders On-The-Move With OrderWise For Android

For any businesses selling remotely via road agents, reps out in the field, customer account managers or even at trade shows, having the tools they need to close sales orders whilst on-the-go can be a constant struggle. In many cases, staff selling in this way to clients will need to firstly ring to check current stock availability and up-to-date prices before ringing their orders back through to their team in the office. This is not only an inefficient and ineffective way of order processing whilst out on the road, but also leaves a lot of room for mistakes to be made.

Firstly if staff are unable to ring through and check this information due to a lack of signal, goods can be oversold or sales opportunities missed altogether. What’s more if order details are relayed incorrectly or get lost in translation, then businesses can find themselves dealing with increased volumes of returns and dissatisfied customers. Therefore to enable staff to be able to effectively deliver excellent customer service, process orders quickly and make the most of the sales opportunities to which they are presented, businesses should arm their sales staff with the information and tools they need for this to be achieved.

With OrderWise, businesses already have the ability to take sales orders on the go through the OrderWise Mobile Sales module on our revolutionary Mobile Devices. However the arrival of version 11.10 of OrderWise this month now brings the introduction of the brand new OrderWise App. Available to existing customers on Google Play™, OrderWise For Android delivers comprehensive mobile software to keep users connected to their OrderWise data on-the-move. Whether looking to check prices, raise sales orders, view customer details or check recent activity, the OrderWise App provides all the vital information and functionality today’s fast-paced businesses need.

Seamlessly Synchronised Sales Data When Online

With OrderWise For Android, data between a user’s Android Application and the main OrderWise system is automatically synchronised so that vital information can be kept accurately updated in real time. Using the device’s Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection, OrderWise For Android is able to send new customers details, new orders, updated contact information and more back to the main OrderWise system. In return up-to-the-minute pricing and stock levels are made available to the app, allowing sales to be made with confidence.

Raise Sales Orders On-The-Go

Using OrderWise For Android, sales teams and road agents can easily make the most of any opportunities that may arise by being able to raise sales orders for both new or existing customers. Through the app users also have full access to the OrderWise Customer List, which can be filtered by account manager so customer records can be easily located. New customer or contact records can be quickly added if required or existing details and delivery addresses updated on the fly. Credit details are also visible so that staff can keep on top of customer account balances when raising sales orders to ensure limits aren’t exceeded. Once generated these orders can then be synchronised to the main OrderWise system from the device, with the flexibility for local orders to be edited as many times as required up until the point they are sent back.
Complete Visibility Of Customer Order History

However OrderWise For Android doesn’t allow sales staff to just raise new orders on-the-go but also stay on top of their existing sales orders too. Within the app, users have full visibility of customer order history, recent sales activity and delivery information for despatched orders, giving staff the information they need to convert quotes and easily keep customers in the loop on the progress of their recent orders.

Intuitive Android Device Integration

As well as keeping users in touch with their OrderWise data from their own mobile device, OrderWise For Android also allows staff to stay connected to their customers through smart integration to the device’s native Email, Telephone and Maps facilities. Through this integration sales reps can click to call or email their contacts from within the OrderWise App itself, offering a wealth of customer data and useful contact tools at their fingertips so they can stay productive whilst out on the road.

Keep In Touch In Offline Environments

As long as data has previously been synchronised, OrderWise For Android also delivers a convenient offline mode for staff needing to access their data whilst out of connectivity zones. This enables users to continue using OrderWise App functionality with data then simply able to be synchronised once they are back in range of a WiFi or mobile internet connection.

OrderWise For Android – The Essential Modern Day Sales Tool

With the ability to use the OrderWise App anywhere and at any time, businesses can ensure that they continue to deliver first-rate customer service whilst on-the-move and also never miss a sales opportunity again. The perfect partner for anyone using OrderWise whilst out on the road, our smart and intuitive Android application allows businesses to truly reap the benefits of staying in touch with their OrderWise data at all times.

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