16 New Staff Arrive & Work Gets Underway On Our £1.3 Million Expansion!

New staff

In the last year here at OrderWise, we have delivered the functionality needed to become a full end-to-end solution and as a result have seen unprecedented growth as a company.

Since the introduction of our Website Design & Development team this time last year, we have had more and more businesses coming to us for an all-in-one, fully integrated solution to effectively manage every single aspect of their daily operations. When we first moved into our current premises in 2010 the OrderWise team consisted of 33 people whereas today, we now have over 110 employees whose sole purpose is to service our nearly 10,000 users with anything they may need. However with this being the case, it means we have now outgrown our current premises and therefore Managing Director of OrderWise David Hallam has recently invested £1.3 Million into expanding our business.

This month, work has begun on the new OrderWise building which will link to our existing premises on the ground floor. Local firm Kuno Jackson Builders are overseeing the development which will expand our site by a massive 14,000 square feet and we expect this will generate around 90 new jobs to reflect our progress. The new building will consist of two floors, with the bottom floor planned to house our Sales and Client Services Teams, the latter of which help our existing customers with their growth plans by delivering the necessary additions to their current OrderWise software solution.

The top floor of this new building will then play home to our ever-expanding team of Technical Support Advisors who aid our customer base with any issues or questions that may arise during the course of their working day. The space then left in our current building will allow our Website Design & Development team to continue their rapid growth as more companies turn to us for stylish, fully responsive eCommerce websites linked seamlessly to their OrderWise solution.

However possibly the most exciting aspect of this new building is our brand new two-floor simulation warehouse that will be included. This new simulation warehouse is a feature you won’t see anywhere else and is designed to help improve the capabilities of our software and our staff. Additionally this warehouse will also be used to show potential clients how our products work in real-time practical situations. Through the use of this warehouse we plan to be able to demonstrate key features of the OrderWise Warehouse Management solution including our Mobile WMS Devices and apply their uses to a live warehouse environment.

16 New Staff Join OrderWise!

Although this new building isn’t planned to be finished until early 2017, that hasn’t stopped us recruiting new staff to help us further enhance the support and resources available to our ever-growing customer base. Over the last couple of months we have employed a total of 16 new members of staff across the business, with each one brought on to fulfil a specific role within one of our various departments. Included in this large batch of new starters are:

Back Row (left to right): Christian Moles, Andy Sedgbeer, Jay Lee, Stephen Jackman, Dean Reddington, Lewis Moore, Olie Hanson, Alex Trott
Middle Row: Joe Osbourne, Craig Telezynski, Hayley Elsom
Front Row: Ben Berger, Thomas Newton, Jenny Bowman, Maxine Woollcott, Zoe Wells

Website Design & Development: Alex Trott, Lewis Moore, Craig Telezynski and Christian Moles

Software Development: Tom Newton

Client Services: Dean Reddington and Joe Osbourne

Technical Support: Maxine Woollcott and Stephen Jackman

Software Training: Zoe Wells

Reports & Layouts: Ben Berger, Olie Hanson and Jenny Bowman

Internal IT Support: Andy Sedgbeer and Jay Lee

Internal Accounts: Hayley Elsom

All of these new starters have somehow managed to squeeze into our current premises and I hope you will join me in welcoming them here to OrderWise!

By making this sizeable investment into both our staff resources and building premises, we at OrderWise are showing the unrivalled commitment we have to the continued development of the products and services that we offer to businesses throughout the UK & Ireland. By working with OrderWise to manage your daily business operations, you can be sure that you are teaming up with a forward-thinking software partner that will help to support your business as you grow.

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