Bank statement import definitions explained

Bank statement import definitions

The process of keeping track of your business’s finances is a minefield of potential timesinks. Accountancy has always been a focus-intensive task, hence how it became a professional discipline unto itself. OrderWise is always looking for the best possible ways to make the admin and tracking involved even easier.

That’s why in May 2021 we introduced a new licenced feature for the accounts modulebank statement import definitions. Yet another tool on the belt that means using OrderWise can save you time, effort, and money.

The problem approached

Document formats are not static, and bank statements are no exception. You may need to switch between banks, your existing banks may alter their statement formatting, or your own business may need to adjust the way it organises its own statement documents.

When this happens, your existing processing systems will need to be reworked. That takes development time and external resources. More bothersomely, it puts the process of getting your operation back on track into someone else’s hands. Your operational optimisation turns into just another item on someone else’s to-do list.

The solution delivered

The new bank statement import definitions feature gives you direct and precise control of how your OrderWise system processes your documents.

Using this new feature, you can coordinate with OrderWise to arrange a definition for your specific set of accounting and banking requirements. From any bank, anywhere, any time.

You can set which column refers to which data field and then simply import files against that definition. You can then use the split screen bank reconciliation screen to reconcile all of your transactions.

With this new feature from OrderWise you can change them as and when you require. This ensures that importing your banking data is quick and easy, meaning you can spend your time more productively, safe in the knowledge that your data has been uploaded accurately.

Accounts, accelerated

Discover more about how the OrderWise accounts module makes all the processes around business accounting faster and better. Check out the Accounts page on our website for further information and get in touch if you’d like a demonstration of this new feature or a demonstration the accounts module in general.