Sam Turner & Sons Ltd.

Case Study - Managing multi-channel customer service levels

Implementing OrderWise

While Sam Turner had begun exploring online marketplaces and ERP systems, the business was still reliant on multiple databases and paperwork. This lack of data integration and automation was not going to cope with Sam Turner’s planned growth.

“Going from multiple tools and having to go through different platforms to OrderWise was a game-changer for us. It meant we could do everything in one place. People in the business who didn’t usually get involved in ecommerce could actually see what was going on.”

Dene Goodwin, Ecommerce Manager

Key benefits

With OrderWise, Sam Turner hasn’t just been able to manage growth and explore new marketplaces, they’ve transformed as a business and thrived by lowering costs while increasing productivity.

50,000 monthly orders

through EPOS with no additional costs.

570% Increase

in average monthly online orders.

100,000 Increase

in active customers.

20% Increase

in annual turnover.

16% Increase

in annual net profit.

18% Increase

in monthly order processing.

Scalability to grow

Transitioning into a multi-channel retailer has been monumental for Sam Turner. But critical to facilitating this “game-changing” growth is OrderWise’s scalability as a continually developed solution.

“The good thing about OrderWise, it grows as you do. So, if anything new comes online you can guarantee that OrderWise is already looking at it. While you’re looking at a new marketplace, OrderWise already has integration for it.”

Dene Goodwin – Ecommerce Manager

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